Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Moonlight Resonance Came To Town...


Moonlight Resonance...smashing... talk of the town now...

Today my colleague Leng Gu lent me 8 original DVD chinese series... original one...not pirate cds, OK... She bought them for RM56.00, thanks to her, me and my kids are able to watch for free.

1st chapter beginning 5 minutes, tears wetted my eyes...chey.... watched further on, wanted to cry some more, use some self control power, the tears stayed put inside......chey...

Just finished watching 3rd chapter.... interval.... otherwise, cannot blog tonight....

Those who like family type of show, go for this...
Those who like to see how great a mother is, witness this..
Those who like to learn to be shrewd, sly, cunning and squabbling, watch this... (just joking)

I captured these pictures while watching the first 3 chapters on the pc...

Moonlight Resonance stars..

veteran actress, Lee Hiong Kam...best known as mother-in-law

the lady is red is the shrewd one...

i like this guy... Raymond

family getting together to dine... Andy loves this type of scenes...
family get-together...


  1. I have seen this whole series online from a mommy blogger's site! Must view it!It's awesome!!!

  2. wow...thought u r buasy enough as a super mum...still got time to watch tvb serials..haha

  3. HN, so far, i seen 5 chapters only and like u said, must view till finish. I wonder how much tears will hv to be "donated" to the show.. haha

    chris, as the saying goes, hanging also need to breathe ...
    if every day busy like monday, cham lo.. machine also needs repair.
    wei, i m going to put yr pic one of these days... can give permission ah?

  4. Wow! Moonlight resonancE! I got watch also!! ahahaha.. (y am i so excited)

    Yeah, can't agree more with you. The family bond, how the mother brought them up nicely.. THey so obedient.. Although not rich, at least they are happy (Referring to Ho Ma's side).

    Family is always the best! More interesting story is going to come. AHhahaa.. I watched till episode 24 d.. ahaha..

  5. wah..wensher..good de u can still watch in the U... did u tell aaron also? haha.. he is also addict to tv series if he starts.. next week when he comes back, i m sure he will stay glued to the tv.. by then, we will be seeing for the 2nd time ...

  6. Moonlight Resonance!! a definitely must-watch drama! I proudly say that I have finished watching it d, totally awesome! you have made the right choice. i did talk about it in my blog too. happy watching! :)

  7. OK lor..just do what you want to do with my pic. Btw, i put my family portrait in my blog already.

  8. hi syelynn..yeah, the show is much discussed on a lot of mouths nowadays..haha..from students to housewives and to working people as well.. if u like the pau yue show, then this one is also almost alike..

    chris, u also put family portrait? ok, good, i check it out later..

  9. Yeah.....
    I had finished watching this HK drama lo.If compare with 1st version that talk about aballone, this mooncake version is more excited at least no body die in this version lo (excepted Lee Hiang Kam) la cos she already old ma, must plan for her to died lo.
    Good ah, happy ending.That y the drama name put "Ga Hou YUe Yun" lo.
    Nice drama :)

  10. wei lahatboy, pls dont tell me ending ah..haha..tell already, not kancheong one. yes, yr loepor told me she downloaded all...she is always talking about it in the office..that is why, i must see otherwise chap shu.. kiasu ma.. haha..

  11. Wahlau...everybody, except me, seems to have watched this show! Beh tahan.

  12. haha! thanks for the tagged! i love watching MR too :D

  13. wow so many good reviews. i think i should watch it too! :)

  14. quachee, dont say i didnt warn u.. once u start, u might end up glueing to the tv like me.. and neglect our blogs... haha..

  15. haha ok, thanks for the warning (the desire to watch just increase!) :)


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