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Flying From Dubai for IPOH food

MY COUSIN TKL who is presently working in Dubai flew back to IPOH to visit his papa and us, of course. Once back to IPOH sweet IPOH, there will be no turning back when it comes to food. For most locals who have migrated overseas, it is no surprise that they will eat all they can when they come back to Malaysia. Gaining or putting on weight will not hinder them from stuffing as much as they can :)) Same for TKL here, he wanted something hot and spicy... no problem, I took him to a coffeeshop called Kopi Thiam where they sell various type of spicy hot stuff namely.... spicy hokkien mee (I forgot to snap the prawn paste that was supplied separately) hot and spicy fried koay teow fish balls curry TKL said.. "hmm.. hmmm" too hot for words... after the meal, we adjourned to buy durians from this apek... apek said "guarantee can eat one" my cousin helping apek to open .... using all his might... ... and .."open sesame" ... the durian gave such an aroma smell

Ding dong...Dinner Time..

WHAT'S UP FOR DINNER? Went for a movie with Fern and by the time we reached home, it was already 5.30pm... Quickly, took out the wok and cook a simple dish, brocolli with mixed fish/meat paste, at the same time, oven-grilled salmon plus black bean soup to end up with... brocolli in the wok for just some seconds.. too long will take away the nutrients... low fire, fry the fish/meat paste till golden brown then add in ginger, garlic, bean paste (taucheong) and it will end up like this... grilled salmon with black pepper with my rice... and a bowl of dark bean chicken soup .... for good replenishment of blood for ladies

Don't Worry, Be Weird..dy...

Received this weird tag from Aprilheart .... hope after disclosing my quirkiness, my bloggers won't run off and leave me alone.... ( i wonder who invented this tag in the first place :) Ok, here goes... (hands shaking a bit) Here are the rules. To tag along: you have to list 7 weird things about yourself, post it in your blog, tag at least 7 people (list their names), and comment on their blog to let them know that you just tagged them. And now presenting my weirdnessssss : 1. Where it comes to meals, I like mixing durians with my rice and eating them together.. (proven in my blog some time ago... yucky, huh?) 2. After that, I like to go near to the one I dislike and burp in front of him/her (eg. my bossie?) 3. I like to curl my hair with my fingers when I am in meetings (cos boring ma....) 4. I love to sing even if it is in the cinema... (mamma mia, here I go again, Mamma..just how much I miss him) 4. I find satisfaction in digging foodstuff from m


TODAY IS DEEPAVALI (FESTIVE OF LIGHTS) ... this morning TAMMY, MENG AND I went to visit our Indian colleagues.... We were served with their home made indian specialities, sweet desserts first and followed by a hot curry lunch. Imagine how much I took.. from 12pm until now, 9pm, my stomach is still full... don't say I am greedy, perhaps now my stomach metabolism is slower today... ok ? :) Let me blog a bit about this Indian special foodie ... my special thanks to Kalai.... Well, firstly, we wouldn't want to go empty-handed, right... so notice this fruit basket there? it is from us with greetings... Then we were led to the dining table by our host, Kalai .... see all the food there?? they are all home cooked food first, must try all the biscuits his sisters made... appetiser.. this is called beehive biscuit.. I call these Bombs... my own words...its a very very sweet dessert muruku - indian speciality, crispy-like with spices.. must-have ok , now the main dish, buttered ric

Koay Teow T'ng Noodles Soup Penang

WHENEVER I AM IN PENANG, I will never fail to eat koay teow t'ng (noodles soup with fish balls and shredded chicken or pork meat)... It is one of my favourites not to be missed. This morning my friend took me to this stall... I am sure many of you wouldn't like to go if you know where... The stall is sandwiched between two shophouses, one glance at it, you don't feel like sitting there... but as for me, have food will travel... as long as I love it, I am oblivious to the surrounding. (wai sik mau) see this bowl.... hhmmm...looking at it makes me yearn for another ... its noodles with the different types of fish balls and shredded chicken meat ok, how to go? this is the way... it is along Jalan Argyll, Penang Argyll Road, you will see these.... ..... shophouses with tables on the pavements along the row, this stall is partially hidden between 2 shophouses.. the stall owner...busy with his many orders... the crowd waiting patiently to be se

De-stressing Breakfast

AFTER YESTERDAY'S STRESS, I didn't have much appetite this morning so I told my buddies.. "Lets go take something light and easy to digest one .." May Tan suggested this shop, along Jalan Cowan, opened not too long ago.. Come, lets go and see what they have... quickly took a picture of the front portion taken from our table.. May Tan told me this picture is Ho Chiak, the famous blogger... (how about Claire?? don't dream la..) the menu sticking on to the walls.. (whose patch of hair is that?) We ordered these... close up ... fried vegetarian meehoon porridge with nuts and some oysters.... bubur cha cha - best of the lot... this is for me... to cool my body heat... there are a lot of varieties to choose from but since my appetite was not good this morning, those would do for that time being .... next time, we will try order more desserts... Rating : er... 7/10... when I tried more, then will rate them again...


I SENSE I M either GOING TO BE promoted or demoted soon.... and to be called the Golden Finger.... What shall I do in this kind of situation??? Here is my emo story of the day... One fine day, Big Boss Big Big reported for duty... two days ago, suddenly from nowhere, she was beside me...wanting to ask questions regarding to my present immediate infamous Bossie... Oh gosh, Why Me??? AVoiding that, I diverted the subject, "a lot of work today, Boss, system is very slow... now not free, Boss"... then She Boss gave me her handphone number, told me to sms her when I am free..... Since then, I have been avoiding Big Boss Big Big, if I see her coming, I divert another way... but this afternoon, unavoidable confrontation ... around the corner, met face to face with Big Boss Big Big .. she asked me again when I am free to discuss what is happening .. I whispered as soft as I could... "So far, work is fine... anything other than that is all personal relationship which has no

Lunch at Moment's

LUNCH WAS AT MOMENT's CAFE in First Garden, recommended by May Tan... after a night episode of "lost handbag" and retrieving it at this cafe, 4 of us decided to take lunch there... to give the cafe a boost of honesty and to promote it at the same time here... The meals they offer come with quantity and affordable prices, not only that, the meals we ordered were tasty too...since we always take heavy breakfast, lunch will be just light, 4 of us sharing 3 plates of these..... (due to the standard of living, must eat moderately now....) this was what we shared.....ham with bread....RM 4.50 Lynn ate this plate of yong chow fried rice and this was for my stomach.... yumm..yummmm... crispy mee with sauce...

Andy Made Me Proud

TONIGHT I am going to make a presentation... Before I do so, I want to thank Gooly for her kind cooperation in making this magazine a success for my son, Andy and "His Friends" Here they are..... I wonder what pact they made with each other :) and I wonder whether Andy can get a part in a comedy movie or not... Ok, Show time is over... please don't take these pictures seriously.... they are just fake magazines... *smile, you are on candid camera*

Secret Recipe Is Her Favourite

B, these were Fern's choices from Secret Recipe the minute she finished school that evening. She chose them herself except for the carrot cake which I wanted.. She finished up the that "giant" pie and the piece of cheese cake. See how hungry she was... I bet she never took anything during her recess time in school and save up all the pocket money... (perhaps to buy me a present next month? aw..don't dream..but actually I am just hinting.. *grin* ) Ok, Fern this was yours.... that was mine... this was yours and....this was Andy's...tiramisu..