Saturday, October 4, 2008

Church Dinner

OUR CELL GROUP attended Methodist Senior Fellowship dinner, it was a yearly affair. Oh, by the way, I am not considered a senior yet... (not qualified yet due to my age..hehe) .. I bought the dinner ticket to be with my cell group and secondly, my sister and I have to lead worship before the dinner.

We chose 4 simple songs and it was the first time we were leading the congregation for a dinner function playing our guitars... During the initial stage, my fingers were trembling and seemed to be getting "knotted up" with the guitar strings ... thank God, after some warming up, they (the fingers) were able to strum...

worshiping and singing praises to our Lord

the opening dinner dish...

Cheers to 75 year old Charlie and Irene ... my cell group members


  1. wow..what else i could say, you've done a great work..i just passed by;-)

  2. Hi Reanaclare, wow! You play the guitar? Outstanding!
    When I was young I joined a Church group....and in school used to sing this song, "Rock of ages".
    I still remember it....
    You have a nice day and keep well, best regards, Lee.

  3. oh eyes caught the food good

  4. wee, you're a guitarist in church. cool. :)

  5. u. lee, i m not that good with my guitar, just the basics..we chose songs that have easy chords too..
    amy, food was ok .. esp the first dish but i didnt hv much appetite that nite, perhaps too nervous.. haha..
    meia, as i said, not really a pro..just an amateur.. but a good experience..

  6. wow!!!! you guys are cool!

  7. your lucky, and I salute for you of being active in a church group. YOU are a good person.

  8. haha..weng.. im not that good..i m nasty at one is perfect as our Lord Jesus..but with Him by our side, we have the guidance..


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