Friday, October 3, 2008

Cendol In Sitiawan

SINCE WE HAVE 2 DAYS OFF, we went to Lumut to spend a night there. It was such a hot day in Lumut and when we passed by this cendol, we saw quite a number of people waiting to be served. Since there was a number, it must be pretty good. While waiting, I managed to get a short interview and snapped a few pictures of him. He gladly obliged....

His name is Bala and he has been in this cendol business for the past nine years. For those who like to taste this cendol, you will see him along the main road, right outside an indian temple and a short distance away from The Store supermarket in Sitiawan.

this is Lumut cendol... not as sweet as in IPOH cendol

next to Bala, another stall selling different kinds of peanuts (kacang putih)


  1. Arghhhh!!!. Claire.. i love cendol!! :D in here we call it ABC! :D hmmm.. ;) now u make me starves for something cold n sweet! :D

  2. haha..beck..sorry... make u drooled weather over here during the day but cooling at night...

  3. I'm drooling here. LOL. Though I have no idea what food is that.

    Anyway, to check google pagerank, just go to and type your URL, to have a 125x125 image just resized it using photo editor or using, or other related sites that offer editing of pictures. :D

  4. Wow! Bala is well dressed for the job

  5. I like to eat a lot, especially the green 1,

    Last time I thought is worm... hahaha!

  6. you click on the reserved opps file, then you click on the opps like usual reserve process.

  7. i love chendol! there is one extremely popular in Penang at a small little lane. a popular stall and another that is identical to like a mirror image. they are just 30 metres from each other! the copycat tries to steal the popular's chendol by dressing up the same to confuse customers! hahahah

  8. so nice small operators can survive in malaysia like that.

  9. yes mistipurple..smaller stalls, less overhead cost.. simple means of life..poverty is still existing in Malaysia..


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