Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sleeping Prince

LAST NIGHT my whole family went out for a dinner and we waited nearly an hour for the food to arrive. My nephew was so tired and was kind of 'knocked out' while waiting for the food... I couldnt resist not taking a picture of him....


  1. hahaha, so kesian, he really looks so knocked out =P

  2. Oh man! He need to get some exercise. Notice the excess fat

  3. yeah.. yeah.. he has lots of extras.. not good.. that is why.. we thought of not calling him up when the food had arrived..
    he exercises a lot each day but also consume back what he has sweated.. his parents also at their wits end how not to allow him to eat so much..

  4. hahaha...that is indeed a moment...LOL! He is cute though.

  5. haha......cute... it takes time for him to shed the excess as he's already 'big' when he's a toddler.


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