Thursday, November 13, 2008

Breakfast In IPOH Old Town

MY NOODLES AGAIN.. to start off the day... we went to old town for our breakfast, from our parking place, we can see the corner shop.... Hong Hin...famous for their hakka mee and tau foo but this time we dint take hakka mee....

this is the shop...

nearer version....

my plate of noodles...
made me skip my lunch

this is a must...

my friend ordered noodles with soup

hers also same with mine.... altogether 4 types of fish paste...

ok, this is the landmark, Batu Pahat Goldsmith shop
just opposite where we ate....


  1. wow, you sure know where to get good food.. :)

  2. Haaha...need to write smtg to "Pong chan" this blog..everytime, its all about food and it makes me hungry and in hunger for it..nvm, in 2 weeks time, i shall be back home to taste everything posted in the blog except for fernie's teeth...bring me thr nxt time, mum :)

  3. greg.. me ipoh nang, so always eat back the same old shops... ipoh not as much choices as in KL or Pg...

    aaron, remind me when u get home.. then we eat all we can..hehe..

  4. parang ang sarap naman ng mga yan...

    hindi ba exotic?

  5. hiya claire! what's the name of that dish that looked like meat and tofu? i love sidewalk restaurants, they serve the tastiest meals! :)

  6. hope im not going off topic.. but i like the shop's architecture.. its a corner lot - quite interesting.

    (recently been admiring some old buildings) :)

  7. i miss the food!! :(

  8. delicious foody here...thanks for the pics Claire

  9. so yummy...i like the noodles!:) i wish to go there someday...hehehe

    have a nice weekend!:)

  10. I love noodles so much. Not fast food noodles.


  11. it looks like Philippines to me :)...


Thank you, readers!

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