Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Mind All Mixed Up

Many days I have been bugging myself, cracking my head.... should I start a new blog.... What actually is my priority? Food? Parenting? Travelling?? One of my blogging friends told me to be more specific in my blog. So I have been asking myself what actually interest me.....

Where food is concerned, no doubt I like to eat but I don't really go around tasting food all over the places... why? Frankly, I cannot afford to do that. Travelling? Not so frequent too... no duobt I love that too but same problem, got to save up more first...

So, back to square one, what am I actually blogging about? Finally, I have to accept I am a mixed-up person in a mixed up world, blogging about a mixture of everything, be it food, travelling, entertainment, business reviews,worship, tags, etc etc....

As this saying goes...........Jack Of All Trades But Master Of None..... (that's me)

What The Heck........ NO SPECIFIC BLOG AT ALL!!


  1. hi, i think my blog are the same..sort of mixed of everything. I dont think u need to start any new blog as I found your blog are just interesting. I love to read just anything u write..

  2. don't think too much about it MIss C. As long as u like posting it, go!

  3. haha..thanks both of u.. the words of encouragement...i guess the blog should be more on our everyday life...

  4. My blog is kind of mixed of everything too. To start a new blog means more management. I suggest you stick to this blog. It's much more easy to manage on personal level. I got no problem you jumble everything into this one blog.

  5. i guess that is why they call it blogging, and not a specific website. Its generic u c... and u r free to pour ur heart out over just about anything.. ;)
    keep pouring.

  6. hello claire.. ;) like tintin says i dont think u need a new blogs~ n why do u need to care bout making a priority on ur blog..? its depends on a person actually.. :) its cool hun keep it up.. n don’t mess ur thought with such thing.. ~ its cool.. BUT if u still wanna make a priority on it.. juz go with this blog.. n keep it up with foodies.. heheh ^_^ yours more like.. ‘jalan-jalan cari makan’ program on tv channel.. xD

    blessed be! :)

  7. Lovely and and down-to-earth blog. Your blog brings back plenty of bitter and sweet memories for me.

    Happy blogging away,ya! :)

  8. It doesn't matter what category your blog is Claire, your readers (like me)understand what your blog blogged about. You blog is all about LIFE in general. You can't simplify LIFE right? It is EVERYTHING...and you are on it...keep blogging.

  9. many many thanks again, friends.. lots of hugs from me to u alll... blogging is indeed a special for me, where i can relate out my rantings and my everyday life, knowing very well, many are reading, but WTH, i will just write how i feel.. when i grow old, it will be something memorable and treasurable..

  10. well, claire...

    just blog. Even blogs with specific contents sometimes go off topic :)

    u r doing fine so far


  11. dont care la,whatever you blog,it will always be so nice,i am your ardent fan.
    love your blog always

  12. no need to 'specialised' your blog, just write what you wants....! Im also running out of makan places in JB, so, I blogging something else now and soon.


Thank you, readers!

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