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Steamboat For Dinner

EVENING TIME WITH THE BOYS.... AAron brought back his friends for steamboat dinner.... all young growing handsome boys..... I was quite worried that food is not enough... how much do they eat? I don't know how to estimate and AA told me, dont worry, if food is not enough, they can always go out for supper... after all, IPOH is famous for food.. yeah.. I agree....

the YHB
(the young handsome boys)

these were what I prepared...

most important in steamboat is the soup....

part of the dishes...

enjoying the fellowship with one another..

one for the album...
I don't know when I will prepare like this again....


  1. i mis this kind of food, i used to have this when i was in kl

  2. Hi Reanaclaire, wow! You sure one heck of a wonderful mom. Steamboat, hot pot...I love them.
    And gosh, your dishes look fantastic.
    Wish I could invite myself over too, heh heh.

    By the way, how come no girlfriends? First time I see only boys, ha ha.
    Boys night out, I suppose.
    You have a great weekend Reanaclaire, best regards, Lee.

  3. Wah, a whole table of food!!! You are awesome :)
    Now I know to say YHB to my friends if I saw one on the street :P

  4. yes, steamboat is easier.. just lay everything on the table and let them help themselves.. enough or not enough, they hv to make do..
    what were leftover just now were the prawns and the some vege... :)

  5. looks yummy! and u r all having fun!

  6. wow I love steamboat! it's yummy! seeing your pics make me wanna have it soon! ;P

  7. don't ask me.. perhaps all are shy to bring their girlfriends or perhaps they enjoy better without the girls.. haha...

  8. Good job! Looks like a wonderful meal. I miss the steamboats in Malaysia.

  9. I'd been looking in your blog for some recipes, the food looks fantastic!

  10. Hey, what a coincidence! I prepared Steamboat at home too, on Sunday! had the whole in-laws gang over!

  11. I had steamboat too over the weekend but didn't take pics to blog it.

  12. so it was steamboat weekend for a few of us here.. where steamboat is concerned, i prefer to do at home cos i dont really trust outside shops..haha.. call me picky, if u like, i feel safer to eat at home, the vege and stuff all cleaned up properly.. but of course, the soup might not be as tasty as outside cos i dont put msg.. this steamboat is good when the weather is cooling..

  13. hmm... delicious..... thank visiting my blog.... when do come in Indonesia?

  14. OMG~ So much food!! :D
    Thx for visiting~ ;)

  15. Hello auntie!
    This is Guo Zheng. Yeah, Aaron calls me Henry.

    Thanks a lot for the steamboat! I felt quite sorry for having to trouble you to prepare all the nice food! It was a wonderful fellowship, and not forgetting all that singing and music, right?


  16. wow what a feast! so lucky! :)


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