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Monday, December 1, 2008

So Long, Farewell, Datuk...

MY COLLEAGUES organised a farewell dinner recently for our "biggest" boss. We invited him and his wife to the dinner held at East Ocean Restaurant in Menglembu. There were only 28 of us Chinese and Indian and the night was filled with laughter initially but when it was time to say goodbye, au lye syne (wrong spelling, I know) was sung and it was a teary goodbye for one or two... (its not me)

the once upon a time beauties.... (ahem)

and the beasts?? no la.. the once upon a time...young men...
now I am wondering
why did we sit separately from the guys?

my Boss giving a speech....

our gift to Datuk...

crystal like it seems..
the golden plaque with our names...

my colleague rendering the song "MY WAY"
now without Boss, we do things OUR WAY!!

after all the talking and singing,
the dishes kept coming ....

and coming....

even the fish was not spared....

the prawns too...

steamed chicken with ginger....
(sorry, I should have on the flashbulb)

this was the best...shark fin soup with XO...

Farewell to you, Datuk... all the best and stay healthy...


  1. The food looks good! Anyway, it gotta be good since it's for the Datuk! Guess he has a nice time!

  2. wow, the gift that you gave to your boss is very unique! I really like bonsai, but I've never seen that kind before. And the food looks so great! Looks like your boss had a very good time at his farewell party.:)

  3. We usually have shark fin soup with vinegar. It's been a while since I have shark fin soup with XO

  4. yes..normally with ginger..but on that particular night, we put in some hot stuff.. haha... tastes better but dont put in too much, all will begin to sing song non stop then..

  5. Wow~the food looks so tasty~~~
    i's so hungry now....

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. they were saying that crystal bonzai gifts are great for those who believes in feng shui.

    you didnt sing meh? hehehehe

  8. the food looksss GREAT!!!

    i want shark fin soup!~~

  9. Yum, yums! How nice to have a farewell dinner this grand! LOL

    ps. Auld Lang Syne ;)


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