Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Andy is playing Dota .. u know what is dota? What I know about dota is that it is a warcraft online game .... and he plays it until wee hours in the morning...

Conclusion : I don't understand what he is doing.....AS FAR AS I KNOW, it is just a clicking game...

Fernie is doing the hoola hoop thing to trim herself....she does it every night for at least half an hour... continously like this......

And me? I am typing here, wishing I could do the hoola hoop like my girl but always fail..... my success is this.... dropping the hoop in less than 3 seconds.... yes, that is me... *sigh*

Conclusion: I don't understand how she does it.... AS FAR AS I KNOW, she has a slim waist whereas mine needs to be trimmed....


  1. i dunlike online games~~

  2. kids nowadays have so many toys compare to us hor?

    but wonder if this will affect their social skills

  3. and as far as i know, ur a mummy blogger! : and a good one at it! :)

  4. As far as I know....we are all far behind the younger generations in terms of the latest gadgets & PC games.

    If they click over long periods of time, it may be a sign of stress or addiction.

    So Claire, pay careful attention to what Andy is doing online. If there's a change in behaviour, then something's got to be done. Otherwise, he's merely having fun, killing time.

    Have a save journey :)

  5. As far as I know, DOTA is an enjoyable online game where you can make your own character and gain lots of powers every time you win.

    In hoola hoops, I am good at it. When I was in grade school I made my playmates wait for minutes when it is my turn to do the hoops from my index finger to my leg and vice versa :)

  6. When I was a youngster, I am very good at hula hooping but now, I can't even do it for a few seconds. I wonder if it's due to my bodies stiffness now(Lol!)

    Have a nice day, Claire!

  7. I'm back only to clarify I have only one body so I should have written body's stiffness. he he.. thanks!

  8. At first, I thought your girl does the hulaloop on the computer, you know, as in computer game, I thought "wahlao, just exercise the fingers can trim the waist ah.. ", then I read again and realized, you are talking about the real thing.

    I need to get one of those loops too!

  9. haha..gargies..u and yr imagination.. yes, it is effective doing the hula thing but the problem is ... I cant get that darn thing on my waist for more than 3 seconds.. kek sei..


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