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Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Big Day in Hougang

Another day in Hougang Avenue. Today is the wedding day, in two hour's time, the bride and the bridegroom will be here to "chum char" (serve tea) to my friend, Larry. I am going to witness this ceremony, the first wedding in Singapore I have ever been....

After the buffet lunch later, my kids and I will leave for our next program, ie the Vivo City... but of course, we go there to look see, walk walk only, not really shopping, (where got so much money to shop, singapore currency 1$-RM2.40, beh tahan la)
Ok, better go and get myself ready to be "standby", a bystander, a busybody... whatever....
Will upload the pictures when I am back in Malaysia, OK!!!)


  1. hey I am actually staying in hougang!!

  2. Aiyah...miss u then...
    ok, perhaps next year...we make a date to meet up.. haha..


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