Monday, December 8, 2008

First Meal In Singapore

BACK FROM SINGAPORE!! Now we are in Johor Bahru for another 2 more days before we pack our bags back to IPOH. Finally I have time to upload my photos and I am quite disappointed at some of the pictures we took, they didnt turn out too well... especially in Orchard Road, I am still not sure of how to use my new Sony camera...

First day : When we got down from the Singapore Causeway, Larry was waiting for us opposite Woodlands Centre and straightaway, he took us for lunch in Crystal Jade Kitchen, Bishan Shopping Mall....

the exterior

Beef wanton mee ordered by Larry
he said this dish was his favourite....

AAron ordered this pork rib wanton mee...
the noodles was perfect,
when you bite, you can feel the nice texture

ordered some of these side dishes too..
prawn siew mai

Fernie's favourite mua chee

Hongkong siew mai is a must...

special dessert...sesame with yam paste in the middle...

how come IPOH doesn't have these??
I have sweet tooth for desserts..
anything sweet, I am in...

Thanks, Larry for the tasty lunch....


  1. wow!!

    nice food!~~

    keep uploading~
    looking forward ur trip~~

  2. thanks for coming by...will upload a bit each day.. now can relax a bit here in JB..

  3. Looks really yummy leh. Singapore every also expensive leh. Food, shopping... very bad for the pocket.

  4. if u work there and spend there, it is cheap.. of course if Malaysians go over, its expensive cos our currency is low..

  5. so tempting....i think i will eat more more food.

  6. hi r u? we r still in JB.. ok ,eat more tomorrow, plenty of food at wangsa, right?

  7. This makes me hungry. They all look so good!

  8. you know what? I don't mind living where you are because you have a very delicous food! I love Wanton Mee and Shomai (that's how we said and spell it in the Phils).
    btw,thanks for stopping by. :)

  9. Yummylicious! My hubby and I are mee goreng and nasi goreng lovers... Every time we travel to Southeast Asia, we always try the local goreng..nice!

  10. Hi Reanaclaire, gosh! The food looks really delicious, can get their lovely smell here too, ha ha.
    You have a safe trip home and best regards, Lee.

  11. wow.. wat a feast! u're in singapore? too bad i dunno u in person. if not i can bring u for some nice desserts in singapore :D

  12. tell you what, the dim sum is much better than Ipoh here. I know why everyone saying Ipoh has good dim sum, maybe in the past.
    CJ is expensive but the food is nice. Glad u have a great trip.

  13. Chris.. more to come.. now still in JB but u r back in SG?

  14. Im back to SG now...when r u leaving JB?

  15. Leaving for IPOH tomorrow... back to work on thursday.. so lazy la.. dont feel like working after a week's leave...

  16. *gasps* already licking my fingers. summore so hungry during monsoon. *drooling* i want to try the yam thingy......omg. ive not been to singapore for such a long time. last i went there, i had huge crabs for dinner. not sure where, but you should try it out. cheers and god bless....

  17. yes.. we tried lobster and crabs too.. photos on the way.. thanks to my singaporean friends.. hope they come to IPOH soon .. i can take them out to flavour IPOH foodstuff..

  18. those food totally attracted me.... :-p

  19. thank you.. more to come when i m home tomorrow..

  20. do they have crystal jade in kl? i know this is very popular in spore - tried a few times :)


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