Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Seafood Paradise Restaurant

5/12 : IT WAS ALMOST 7PM WHEN LOO FINALLY FOUND US ... He was searching high and low for Hougang Mall for over an hour....thanks, my fren, for not giving up on us! According to him, there are 3 Hougang Malls in Hougang itself, I didn't know that, I just told him that we were waiting for him at the entrance of Hougang Mall and the entrance is red in colour.....

Sorry, Loo, for wasting your time going round and round looking these 4 fellas from Malaysia...

When we saw his car approaching, we were so relieved... finally, we were sort of "rescued" and were treated to a deli-sumptious dinner at this restaurant below.

btw, I "curi" this image from their website...
kind of promoting for them too...

claypot sharkfin for each of us
real thing, not from their website one...

salted egg lobster...
so yummy...
(pssst..first time in history I took this)

a "gorgeous" steamed fish...
very fresh and tasty too..

drunken prawns...
according to Loo, the prawns are "drunk"
before they were cooked...(true or false?)

my young men enjoying the delicious food..

pumpkin with mango dessert...

Actually there were two more dishes
brocolli with fresh scallops
and fried rice with salted fish....

Thank you very much, Loo
for the wonderful dinner...
hope to see you next year!
(provided u still invite us :)


  1. OH MY GOD....


  2. i like drunken prawn hehehe yummy

  3. wah so temptating.. anyway how does sharkfin tastes like?

    *pls dont say "It Tastes Like Chicken".. too common line lol*

  4. very nice and delicious foods just by looking at it...

    the claypot sharfin nice?

  5. I love shark fin soup, lobster!!! Awwww~~
    I am going to pester my bf harder so he will bring me to eat seafood!!!

  6. the prawn does look like it was drunk when cooked!

  7. actually sharkfin is quite different comes with the whole fins.. i think a lot of shark lovers here is gonna hate me for eating the fins..
    sorry guys..

    ok about the taste, its the stock that is important.. the fins actually is just crunchy and has its own special taste... haha..dont really know how to describe... if u like it, u will eat it..

  8. Wow, what a fantastic meal!!

  9. hey claire, yes its true you can see more here. Hougang is counted as having quite little men walking around naked already! see this link..

  10. The food looks superb but Im sure it's not cheap... aiya...i eat in Jb la.

  11. Heard that they do soak the prawns in chinese wine. I think the prawns were drunk before they were being served.

  12. walaueh...the prawns very very huge much the total bill?

  13. yeah yeah i also want to know.. how much... name of restaurant, exact place and wat not

  14. haaaaa... i didnt ask my fren how much it cost la.. ok, let me ask when i see him...
    the restaurant is in Singapore Hougang Seafood Paradise..

  15. Hi Claire and your 3 precious ones, hope you all enjoyed the meal. Do come back every year, will arrange for nice dinner, with different theme. if you kids also love beef, can also go for fine steak, and wine for those above 18.


Thank you, readers!

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