Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Esplanade 'N' Orchard Road Singapore

5/12 : After dinner around 8pm, Loo dropped us at the Esplanade, we haven't been there before... from afar, the Esplanade reminds me of a Durian, (durian is always on my mind, i guess)
Coming back to the Esplanade, we spent only half an hour there, walking around, look see, look see, bought some ice cream banana to eat and snapped a few pictures here and there...

the picture was blur cos I forgot to "off" the macro...
anyway, these are my 3 musketeers
my chaperones, my bodyguards...


inside the esplanade...

there was a band performing....

on closer look, 2 young singers...

the crowd was clapping to their singing
then only I realised it was a RAP song...

6/12.....we went to Orchard Road...

to see the lights and the ..... "people"

with my 2 bodyguards...
left and right...

the twins...almost..

we saw a big crowd here...

wow..2 young girls performing ...

performing gymnastics...

good performance...
A blissful evening in Orchard Road
well spent...


  1. the Esplanade looks GREAT!

  2. I Love Singapore! I have been to that country twice and was just there last October for a brief rest and relaxation.

  3. Wow! that's my dream place. I want to go three. i will go there someday:D

  4. yes..singapore is very nice .. most important thing, it is very safe.. even late at night, there are so many ppl walking around.. i feel safer there..

  5. these places is a must when you come to singapore. glad you have a great time. Got go to Vivocity??

  6. yeah..went to vivo on the 7th..later will post..haha..

  7. wow! nice pictures claire! :) i enjoy looking at those~ hmmm Esplanade look great! :P u're having fun in there! :D kewl! :D

  8. nice vacation :) holiday v long ar? :P

  9. Orchard Road is sure beautiful around this time

  10. thank you for putting up all those lovely pictures here, will remind my wife to take my children there when they visit singapore this weekend.

    have a splendid and well rested weekend

  11. wow nice photo (^^,) Esplanade looks great

  12. hi Claire, hope your visit to sg was a nice one.

  13. hey claire, Esplanade is very well known as the Durian, in Sg itself!

  14. now that i hv come back, i miss singapore.. i miss the safety and the peaceful surroundings..
    i will try to make a trip there again next year if possible..

  15. wow u did enjoy spore alrite! :)


Thank you, readers!

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