Friday, December 12, 2008

Jumbo Restaurant In Singapore

6/12 : That evening Larry took us to Jumbo Restaurant in Serangoon Gardens for dinner, he made the reservation a day before. When we arrived at the entrance of the restaurant, a valet came over to park the car for us. Class...

The restaurant was a floor up, the stairway was a huge one.... at first, the entrance to the restaurant didn't impress me much but upon entering, wow... the surrounding and the ambience was so beautiful..... I love the deco and the lightings....

the entrance to the restaurant
have to check with the reservation first before entering

it was still early when we arrived...

first dish was this crispy yau chow kwai...

very nice....must be eaten with this rojak sauce...

claypot mixed vegetables....

fried crispy chicken, my kids' favourite

sambal kangkong, another favourite dish of my kids...

the speciality is the steamed crab...

thank you for the wonderful meal..

then came the dessert... pumpkin mango..
singapore is really famous for these type of desserts..

took another picture before going off...


  1. That must be a very glamourous restaurant. I'm amazed. Thank you for the visit and comment. Kisses

  2. The look of the pumpkin mango and steamed crab caught my attention.

  3. I want the chao kwai....yummy

  4. I want the pumpkin mango hehehehe

  5. i also yearn to eat those again..haha..

  6. wow! great food.. made me hungry looking at it :D

  7. Those are mouthwatering foods!!!you made me hungry :)

  8. The restaurant obviously is classy and I'm sure pricey too!

    Anyway, I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  9. wah....... nice eatery with great food!!

  10. kangkong is my favorite food :)

  11. yes, I would like to go there again..haha..but I dont think my fren will bring me there.. unless this time I belanja him back.. haha..

  12. i so love the food featured in this post. the couple are lovely and look good together.


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