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Monday, December 15, 2008


7/12 : MORNING IN HOUGANG... Wedding day in Larry's house. The bridegroom has gone to receive the bride in Angsana and while waiting, I took some pictures of his house. In a short while, the house was filled with people, mostly Larry's siblings who came over to drink "tea" from the bride and bridegroom....

me and kids stayed here for 3 nights, very nice and comfortable...
thanks to my host, I saved a lot on "hotel fees"....

the buffet lunch for the guests
after the tea ceremony

here comes the bride....
and the bridegroom, of course...

Jason & Surini

tea ceremony....

Later in the evening, we went to York Hotel for dinner

the ballroom was very beautifully decorated

the first dish...

almost the last.. abalone..hmmm...
i didn't take much pictures of the dishes
embarassing ma..
so many unknown guests sitting with us...

pouring of the champayne by the lovely couple...

sealed with a loving kiss....

Aaron and Andy with their million smiles..

After dinner..
Andy holding the XO
"wanna bottoms up?"


  1. halo... happy wedding to who ever ^_^, I like the deco for the furniture especially the top of the speaker... haha, very interesting.

  2. What a happy occasion! the food looks delicious too! :o)

  3. singapore wedding different from msia one hor?

  4. So u guys had the dinner at Suntec City right?
    The apartment looks like typical flat in Spore but it's very clean and neat. How I wish mine is as clean as this..haha...

  5. no la..its not suntec city, its york hotel.. yes, his apartment is very neat, got maid ..
    marriage in MY and Sg, it is almost the same, Ju Ann.. tea ceremony and all...haha..

  6. Congrats.. Hi blogwalking here. Best wishes., I hope to see you on my other blogs
    Raptured Dreams
    Celebrity Entertainment
    Array Of Hopes

  7. glad you enjoyed singapore.
    i love malaysia though. haha

  8. wow, the newly weds look very lovely together...the place is also marvelous. where is that exactly?

  9. the bride's back is sexy!

    i like to design... I'd like that for my own

    and the food looks really sumptuous


  10. nice place for S'pore.
    Wedding dinner oso feel gorgeous...
    S'pore, i luv it

  11. Looks like everyone enjoyed the wedding. Yummy food!

  12. is surely a happy occasion..

  13. wah... can "loot" xo...

    i also wan hehe... =p

  14. Wah Lao!
    Whole abalone leh!
    I want I want!!!

  15. yeah.. I also first time ate a full abalone in restaurant leh.. so san par, right? this dinner will be memorable..


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