Sunday, January 4, 2009

Before And After 12 Years...

Rummaging through the drawers the other day, we managed to come across this old picture taken about 12 years ago (if i m not mistaken) ... 3 of them are my kids and the rest are nieces and nephews....

12 years ago....
from left: Aaron, Andy, Jesyln, Ester, Joey, Daniel, Fernie & Dexter

12 years later....
guess who is who now...

from left, the oldest to the youngest...

now lets go by height
Andy, Daniel, Dexter, Joee, Aaron,
Jeslyn, Ester, Fernie &
Pete (latest addition)


  1. haha..... now, i feel old!!

  2. hi first time come here. Happy New Year, my giveaway has start pls come

  3. Hi Reanaclaire, nice pics. Kids sure grow up fast too.
    And while we try to teach our children all about life,
    Our children teach us what life is all about.

    What is a home without children? Quiet.
    Best regards, Lee.

  4. hahaha...very interesting...nice to see the difference, they are so cute...thanks for sharing Claire

  5. ya,how time flies,keep these photos and show them again the next 12 years from now,,,

    have a good week ahead claire

  6. haha..i hope so..take another pic in another one cycle.. with their kids perhaps... addition again..

  7. Wow! Ya, time flies...
    All grown up d.
    Next picture, maybe take together with their better half...

  8. time if i got kids ...will take one pic and compare it next time.

  9. yes, it.. now with the new tech..all are made easy.. during my time, only photos were kept..

  10. Pete, the latest addition, didn't change his position.

    Nice pictures.

  11. Wow.. Nice to have a memorable photos then at time same time have been updating.. Much be so happy to me if i can see how do i grew up with others. If possibble, take again someday, then make it like historical photos..
    Wow.. wonderful!

  12. how time flies......i have to try rummaging mine tonight. then maybe...just maybe i could post some of my baby photos for you to enjoy laughing

  13. Wow. Interesting! 12 years from now, it will be their kids lining up for the photo!

  14. haha...aaron used to be the tallest...and now..

  15. hehe...gab u noticed? they teased him too the other day..why gostan so many places behind.haha.. he himself also niece also caught up with him already

  16. before the digital age, keeping printed photos can be a problem, especially if we take a lot of photo.

    not anymore eh, with current technology, photos now can be stored in DVDs so we can just shoot, shoot and burn, burn

    looking at your old photo, just occurred to me that the best part about parenting is watching our children grow up...:)

    thanks for sharing

  17. shouldn't laugh..hehe, i also not that tall either...haha

  18. tak pe la..gab.. sama sama tinggi pun boleh gelak la..haha.. he said he is the centre of attraction wo.. like the centre of the bible..haha..

  19. Ah, how time flies..... I am sure the kids also have a good laugh when they see themselves years ago. Brings back memories, sweet and sour.

    Hey, the heart gets younger as we age, so no worries. Think young and act young.

  20. this is a good one. i should do one with my cousins... and tho we dont have our old photos.. maybe another in anothe 12 years for comparison haha


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