Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Cure To Edema

“Prevention is better than cure” is still an underlying statement. As I am in my 40s now, I sense some changes in my body system compared to my earlier years. It is no denying factor that I need to supplement my bodily needs instead of leaving as it is. From surfing online, I come to understand that nutritional supplementation is essential for our bodies as we age. One of the most common occurance in ladies is Edema.

What is Edema? Briefly about Edema, it is defined as a noticeable swelling that results from excessive accumulation of fluid in certain body tissues in our bodies. The swelling is due to excessive fluid under skin that accumulates in the spaces within the tissues that are outside our body vessels. There are several causes to this multitude of internal and external influences that cause edema in our body and normally it attacks ladies rather than men. The commonly causes are due to varicose veins, heart failure, cirrhosis of the liver or kidney disease, low levels of albumin the blood, standing or sitting too long and excessive of salt intake or retention are also the main culprits.

But do not worry, Progressive Health has done some good research as to find the most effective nutrients in overcoming Edema and one of the nutrients edema supplement that can provide great relief can be found in capisette. Capisette has been developed and proven to be effective to eliminate fluid retention for the swellings in our bodies. Not only that, capisette has the powerful botanicals Dandelion Extract Gingko Biloba, Horse Chessnut, and Buchu Extract that are proven to reduce the permeability, increasing circulation and providing an anti inflammatory effect throughout our bodies. With capisette, our bodies become balanced and in no time, we will feel normal again.


  1. huhu....1st one here. i kinda have arthritis.....from my mom's genes, i think. sore in the knees when it gets cold, fingers swell at night etc etc etc. what to do?? have to take care of diet lor :)

  2. wei..u very young la.. how come so fast got arthritis? maybe gout, too much uric acid perhaps.

  3. Hey Calvin blaming the mum. Noti noti. You are what you eat, so eat sensibly. Go for the annual urine and blood tests. If that is not on your calendar for donkey years, you are to be blamed, not your mum.

    You are responsible for your own health.

    I admit I did not do that about 20 years ago but not now. You still have a good chance to avoid those health problems if you do something now. Good Luck!


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