Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cousin's Wedding Dinner

WE ATTENDED my cousin's wedding recently, my sisters and brother in this Tuck Kee Restaurant in Pasir Pinji, IPOH. All of us fit into one table, just nice... and of course, the food were even nicer....

Here are some of the dishes they served for the wedding.. for a price below RM500...

the first dish is always the most attractive...

the crab on this side...

when it was turned over,
it was actually stuffed with meat...

my favourite crab soup

cluck cluck....

fish, fish...

har har.... is a must..
prawns in chinese means laughter..

pulut rice.. glutinious rice...

desserts for the night...

AA, brother, cousin, uncle..


  1. nice food. next time wedding can do there dy..hehe

  2. sure ah? get a IPOH girl then.. i will recommend u one when the time comes.. haha..

  3. I am hungry every time I pass by to your blog. I wanted taste all the food picture you post.

  4. The first dish is rather unique. Don't see that here

  5. wow..the food is great sis, and you took great pics this time. (reading my blog too much issit? hehe..)
    btw, who's wedding?

  6. wow.... yummy food..! especially the by the way, nice snapshot at the food, makes me feel hungrythe the time im reading ur post..! lol...

  7. er.. chris.. that wedding 8th uncle's son... haha.. i bet u dont know how he looks like.. me either till i met him that night.. too many cousins la.. all over..
    maybe now using different camera so at times clear..
    sony one.. RM699.00

  8. wah...below rm 500 and u get those food...very nice and exclusive liow...esp saw the crab shell ler...

  9. i love all those FOOD!

  10. yeah..IPOH standard is quite reasonable...unlike KL or penang or other more developed states.. IPOH is still affordable..

  11. how many cousins of yours belum kahwin lagi one?feels like you have quite a number of wedding invites.

    I went to G hotel with my family y/day, took some picture with their CNY decor just to whet your apetite, but too bad,picture kaput.

    did that with the intention of helping you reliving your memory when you stayed there durning xmas

  12. haiyah. ..eugene...why did u shake yr camera?? haha. too bad.. looking forward to seeing it too.. this year, if possible, book earlier and get at least 2 or 3 nites stay there.. haha.. i talk only..

  13. what's that on the 1st plate...the one with mayo. i love mayo...which explains my cholesterol level and big tummy...muahahahaha

  14. haha...recommend me the restaurant or the girl? hehe...

  15. Aww, the first dish looks extraordinarily good!!!

  16. yeah..looks good from the pic, right? haha.. can be deceiving. if not mistaken, i think that fried one is prawn fritters... short memory, pls forgive me..with mayo...


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