Monday, January 19, 2009

Johor Desserts, Taman Pelangi

Thanks to Andy, he gave me these pictures which he took on his cell phone cos my camera at that time "betrayed" me.. (battery conked out)

I envy Johoreans.. cos they can get these type of food in Pelangi Garden... (if i m not mistaken of the name).......oh.... I miss them... especially the one with the gingko... so yummy....

I am a "sadist", here I am torturing my readers again...but I cannot resist not posting them up, just to remind me to go there again if I drop by in Johor....

This stall was crowded when we reached there...

this creamy bowl is called chendol
Johor style...

Johor ice kacang
with cocoa toppings instead

I love this gingko very much..
Oh, how I miss it....

their popular tau foo with stuffings...
at first I thought they were toasted bread..
the stuffings taste like rojak sauce..
very unique.... hmmmm....

this is the stall...
come and taste it..

(do u think I should ask for advertising fees??)


  1. AGAIN...?! I feel hungry! Wow, nice place to come by for the dessert!

  2. haha...I try it out this some day. It's Taman Pelangi.

  3. slurping off the screen.
    you so bad.
    i like a lot of the desserts there.

  4. me too..anytime desserts is for me.. sweet tooth.. now i better take precaution.. not young anymore so hv to be more health conscious...

  5. wow the ice kacang looks good! btw u really travel so far to makan? :)


Thank you, readers!

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