Thursday, January 15, 2009


PENANGNITES, is there a place called Bagan Ajam at the mainland? Hope I get the spelling correct.. There is this Thai restaurant that is quite unique, an open air type and very cooling eventhough it was a hot afternoon that day... but most of all, we really enjoyed the thai lunch...

It was an attap type of roofing so it was cooling sitting underneath eventhough it was a hot day. The dishes were a bit different from Malaysian style... i love the 2 types of rice, one is pineapple with cashew nuts and the other was mixed with a sweetened type of meat and very spicy too...

We would love to go there again if time avails... HAVE FOOD WILL TRAVEL....


  1. *drools*~~~ Thai food, yummy.. Ahaha.. Next time will try to go there if got the chance to penang :D Thanks for recommending :D Hehe..

  2. woah....i love the food! Is it in Prai? Must ask my wife, since she's born in BM.

  3. yeah...somewhere in prai..a small town called bagan ajam..something like that... if u ask me to go there, i dont know the way la..haha.. must take local guide...

  4. The food looks seriously delicious! Yummy! :)

  5. I'm goin Penang for CNY!!
    visiting my hubby's grandma & relatives there.

    I LOVE Penang food & the beach, cant wait, cant wait! =D

  6. WOW!Look so yummy!I love thai foods vry much!Must try it next time when back to penang..^^..

  7. Gosh ! those food makes me hungry and missed Malaysia. Been there once. that chicken wrapped in leaves...hmmm yummy.

  8. yea, I miss the food too, I think I wont be able to go that way again, cant seem to remember where it is already.. haha..


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