Wednesday, January 14, 2009

YeSS, YeSS, Let's Relax

I WANT TO CONGRATULATE MY FRIEND, MAY LUKE who has just officially opened her new beauty shop located in IPOH Garden East, just opposite Tesco Supermarket and Jaya Jusco. She got her professional training in Singapore and let me tell you... ah... the way she massages, your face or your body, can just put you to sleep within minutes.. not only sleep, you can snore away too, if you are one of those who is a snorer......(speaking from experience ma)

So... those of you who stop by IPOH and you are aching all over... or .... whose face needs a cleaning up after work... this is the place you should go to...

Prices are reasonable.. facial is from RM38.00 onwards...
Body massage is from RM50.00 onwards.. (i think)
Beauty products are from Switzerland.. wor..

YeSS Beauty Saloon

the lovely ambience...

for those who come in twos...
or alone.. you have your own privacy...
MAY LUKE and her assistant
welcomes all of you...

This is not a paid post...hehe... just a friendly favor trying to do more "exposure" on her newly opened saloon.. You can make appointment by calling this number 05-5466388


  1. What a name YeSS,hope that your friend's business will thrive and prosper..

    and good for you too for giving a free ad for you friend

  2. YeSS.... wah.. very good marketing strategy.. with name like that.. sure business go YeSS YeSS!!!! :)

  3. wow, the place is set up very nice..

    by the way if you have time please drop by, just need your honest opinion about this thanks a lot!

  4. Hi, Claire

    I am in badly need of nice, long massage. I haven't gotten one since I left home.

  5. hey greetings from Kuching Sarawak!

  6. arhh..i want a massage badly now after reading this. RM50 is consider JB, it was around RM70-RM80...

  7. oh.. i forgot to put there..its for ladies only la... sorry.. hehe..and 7 days per week..

  8. wow u must be excited fr yr friend :) congratulations to her! :)

  9. haha..yes.. i go there and relax once a month... special treatment ma.. haha..


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