Thursday, February 19, 2009

Craze For Crazy Ice Cream

TONIGHT I HAD a sudden urge to take ice cream... why? I dont really know.. the craze was just there... never mind about my weight... eat first... suffer later...ok?
So we went to this Crazy Ice Cream cafe along Persiaran Seenivasagam...
Prices were reasonable was so-so only..

quiet there tonite..
perhaps its a weekday..

Fernie wanted fried rice..
i think i could do it better.. (ahem)

AA wanted to eat tom yam meehoon..
it was so sourish..

ah... i like this better..
andy ordered spaghetti..

i ended up sharing with Andy..
sorry, boy...

salad and fruits for dessert

and of course..this belonged to me..ME!!
gosh..tomorrow have to do extra 20 sit-ups..
oh... maybe start with 10 first..see how...


  1. oh good for you. i also wanted caramel sundae tonight...but decided against it..hehe

  2. oh it looks sooo good!! (banana split)

  3. wow.... bring me leh next time.

  4. that is plenty food...yum yum

  5. got a tag for you in here

  6. Tom Yam! Sarap!
    We found a cheap yet delicious Thai Food near Rockwell... Soms yata name.

  7. so what if you are fat, as long as you are healthy and as long as you feel sexy and good about yourself..right claire?

    i admire your spirit in giving in to your crave,,hhahahaha.

    take care now and have a wonderful weekend,, say hi to aaron for me, will ya?

  8. sure will Eugene..will enjoy what we eat and not care of the weight.. as long as still within healthy limits..

    ok will say hi to aaron for u.. he is back today... :)

  9. been craving for ice cream for a long time now, ever since ive been back from shanghai! haha (kinda miss the dessert + cold weather there lol)


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