Monday, February 23, 2009


ON SATURDAY NIGHT we celebrated AAron's 21st birthday dinner at Gold Dragon Restaurant in Sea Park, PJ..... it was supposed to be a birthday surprise for him but alas, he saw us walking in with the Secret Recipe big bag...oh.... only one setback though, Andy was not with us because he could not take leave from his work in IPOH, otherwise it would be perfect..

So Andy, here were the dishes we walloped... simple dinner, reasonable price..

2 types of combination dishes ..only..

a bowl of shark fin shop..
actually cannot see the fin.. just assorted seafood

steamed "kampong" chicken..

steamed fish with "kimchi"

the fish was very fresh and nice..

prawn fritters...

fried rice with anchoives..

sweet pancake as dessert
(how not to put on weight???)

aha... the birthday cake for the birthday boy..

21 candles...

1..2........3...... blow ...ffffuuuuufuuu.....
now thinking back, got some funny taste...
after all the puffing and the huffinggggg....


  1. Nyaammmm... I love sweet pancake!!! ;-)

  2. HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY,AARON!!\(^0^)/
    Wishing you the best in the world!!

    Oh no!!I'm seeing some kimchi!!They're my favorite!!And the sharks fin soup,they're expensive here(T_T)

    Looks like all of you had a blast on the party!Best wishes,Aaron!^_^

  3. thanks cath and clarissa for your wishes..

  4. wow the cake looks even more awesome with pink candles!

  5. happy birthday aaron...enjoy your life while you are still young

  6. happy birthday aaron have a wonderful bday

  7. my 21st birthday was never this good, happy belated birthday to you Aaron, and you sure got a wonderful mom,,, be real proud of her,,,you hear? hahahah

  8. wah ....21st already ah?? I still remembers bringing him to science centre last time when he was a kid...haha...happy birthday Aaron!
    The food looks sumptuous...!

  9. Happy Birthday Aaron!!!!

  10. thank you everyone here on behalf of Aaron.i m sure he appreciates yr wishes when he reads the blog .. now he has the freedom to sign whatever papers.. haha..

  11. Wah happy belated birthday Aaron.. wish I can turn back to 21 yrs old..hahhahaa

  12. How nice to be 21! Hmmm, for me the weight of my candles will flatten the cake, ha ha.
    Love the dishes, especially the fish. Looks delicious.
    Happy birthday to your boy, Lee.

  13. thank you Cal and U.Lee..yeah, wish i were 21 too.. i remember celebrating and having a dancing party..inviting my colleagues and schoolmates...

  14. haha...happy 21, aaron. welcome to the club. after this can bring him to the pubs and clubs. hehe...

  15. Happy Birthday Aaron! You are so lucky to have such a loving family!

    Hey Claire, you're not alone with the followers. In fact I lost 25 of them. I think it's a system error. You can find my post about it here and see what other people's reactions about it.

  16. Belated birthday wishes to Aaron! What a many candles! :-))

  17. a lot of food!!!????

    hahaha ...I Like it!

    no hunger strike...


    thanks for the comments on google PR.

  18. wowWow, the fish head is so big!!! @_@


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