Sunday, February 22, 2009

My First Conference In DUMC

I HAVE BEEN MISSING since Friday, my last post written was then.... I took a half day off and we went to Kuala Lumpur...oh, actually Sungai Buluh. We have to attend a conference (yes, u heard me right)... a Discipleship Conference With Rev Edmund Chan at thh DUMC, Petaling Jaya. (startled?)

Well, actually I was not so keen in going in the first place cos I have a phobia of sitting too long in meetings and conferences... I tend to "dream" and go wonderland and fantasy places... haiyah.. there goes my secret...

Anyway, to cut the story short, it was a 3 days conference and now I am back home in IPOH.. tired but feeling enhanced and "transformed".... sort of.. not like the transformers where I could change to a robot... wow..wish I could....

this is DUMC

see... my mama and sister walking ahead of me..
i was tagging behind...

the entrance...
to the cafetaria.. i was a bit hungry..

it was still early when we reached...
lets relax first...

one pic for rememberance..
taken by AA

Rev Edmund Chan..
he is from Singapore

slowly the crowd filled up the auditorium

oh sorry, no photos allowed...(the usher said)
ok. this was my last picture
after this, i sat down (kwai-kwai)

This conference was very enlightening and enhancing to my spiritual life, no regrets...a BIG THANKS to my brother, sister, Lily and BIL for their encouragement.... I will write more about it in My Daily Desire Blog .... later....tonight....


  1. me too dont like sitting tooooo long in any conferences :-)
    glad u updated ur blog it means i have new post to read.

  2. thanks Veta for coming by... will continue to post about anything, everything... as long as i m still kicking... :)

  3. Yay.. no photo please :) sya plg keburingan la kalu conference tau..huahua... :) cheers happy sunday :)

  4. wow what this conferences all about?
    I saw only dreamssss hahaha....:)

  5. Same goes with me..any conference or forum yang bercakap saja mcm baca dlm buku..gerenti saya 'pancing ikan' heheheee

  6. only for few minutes, just couldnt help it but after that, felt very refreshing one... wonder why it is like that.. anyway, not edmund's fault..mine..cos i just love to relax and close my eyes while people talk on stage..

  7. wah...good la! Utilised your time well!

  8. LOL no pictures allowed!

    Looks like you had a grand time

  9. rejuvated and transformed ?, good on ya, and we just know how to call you the next time, The Transformed Girl...

  10. Nice one! Is is about harnessing your strengths to reach your dreams?

  11. Claire, about ur question regarding the domain.. in my ummascorner, Im still using the blogspot bec I dont want to lose my PR3 lah!!
    But for my baby blog, I used the
    You can use ur URL but without the blogspot. therefore, your url will become

  12. oh, I didn't know about this conference... but I have been to DUMC before, I like their church building =P

  13. Conference is boring no?? I sure fall asleep leh! You can stand for the whole session? :P

  14. haha... yes celine, I can.. it is only the first few minutes...i was tired bec lack of sleep, u know KL la.. one place to the other takes at least more than half an hour... so we hv to get up very early each morning and reached home late in the evening.. but i hv no regrets going.. it was indeed a great experience!

  15. eheheh overgrown mama..DUMC is not in Sg Buloh. Its in Petaling Jaya. BIG difference.

    I worship in DUMC by the way :)

  16. babylamb, u too worship in DUMC? good.. i know it is in PJ..what i meant was i stayed in sg buluh while i was there...


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