Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It Is OneOf Those Days...

continuation ... 1 hour later..

mum and son are back to sanity now.... no more running out of patience with each other...
a compromise made...
i m sorry if i have use the wrong words on u...
sudden anger blocked my mind... like....fire cover eyes...

Lets twist our last finger and start all over again....
.....as a not-so-normal mum and a sensible son....


  1. that's part that i enjoy being a parent,to argue with our own children, and to reason with them.but your case is very much different than mine, my boys are still small, and your are big now, they can make their deicision.

    good day

  2. Wah..

    You are such a great Mom, can be friend with own son...

    Good day.

    P/S: I came from Uncle Eugene blog. =)

  3. oh that is sweet...at least ur in better terms now...:)

  4. Hi claire, hope everything's settled now with your son. Someday, I'm going to experience what you're experiencing right now, hehe. But it shows how great a mom you are. I hope I have that kind of patience, too ;)

  5. frankly, i m not what u think i m .. my temperature rises fast.. goes down slower... need to control and walk away... i m learning, darn.. it is so difficult at times.. thank God, my kids can tolerate me..

  6. Hmm....hot-tempered like me. People who are SHORT tempered cool down quickly - I don't, but I think I'm improving over time, thanks to the nature of my job having to deal with dozens of kids each day!!

    The TOUGHEST thing about about being a parent is bringing up kids to be good citizens (Oh, they will be influenced big time once they're on their own). Another difficult thing is trying to UNDERSTAND each other's needs. Different generations - what you want him to do is not what he wants; what he expects you to be is not what he'll get. So kids have to learn to accept too. Or else... :) you know the story

  7. Hope things are settled with yr son. I know sometimes they can be quite headstrong... just have to be tolerant & try see things fr their perspective and compromise...

  8. yes..we as parents are not always right.. need to listen and feel ourselves in their shoes..right..
    but how often do we do that..
    i am still learning.. to be a better mother..

    oh, my son and i are ok..as usual, we there and then settle our indifferences, or compromise if possible.. hope he bears with me too..

  9. i love your latest comment claire! your son must be proud to read it, to know that he has such a humble, understanding and great mom.

    *thumbs up to you claire!*


  10. hmmm... do i realllyy want to have a kid??? *hmmmmmm*

    sometimes i do, but sometimes it just sounds too scary or like it's too much work...

  11. whew!!As I was reading and commenting to your post,I was nervous of what happened.I'm glad that everything's fine with you and your son now.He's lucky to have you as mom!

  12. either that or he deserves a better one..haha... well, as mother and child, it is normal to have our squabbles now and then, our differences in life.. but most important is to compromise and accept our mistakes...never lean on to pride or ego... it wont work... speaking from experience ma.. as adults, we cannot assume we are always right..


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