Friday, March 27, 2009

In The Morning, When The Moon Is At Its Rest

MY DAILY BREAKFAST is the most important meal for the day... I practically cannot function without a proper and satisfying morning is like no meal, no battery, so no battery means no energy.... and of course no energy, no work done... corek?

Ok, stop the crappy talk and lets go through my by one.... I am letting the world know what type of food I have been inputing into my stomach all these years....

3/4 boiled eggs with 2 slices of bread...
now u know why yours truly here is tiga suku

this is tosai
an almost oil-less piece of fermented beans
cooked thinly and eaten with curry or dhall..

ok, i know what u r thinking..
this doesnt belong to my doggie, ok?
this is vadae... a crispy kind of fermented beans too...

ahhhh... my favourite roti telur
oily yeah, but nice and hot....

and of course, the IPOH hokkien mee...
hot and spicy... drink the soup till finished...
then only u can say burp....


  1. wow~~ typical malaysian's breakfast.. ahaha.. that breads were baked till they became crispy is it? ahaha.. Why you said you suku le? ahah.. looks nice :D yummy.. ahaha..

  2. I laughed till I dropped when you said "suku"

    I like the prata thick an looks yummy. Aaahhh..this one will certainly enter my tummy...

  3. wah..... like dat everyday u sure gain weight! I like the egg with toast.

  4. hehe... telur tiga suku masak.. i dont likethe egg still raw.. urgh..

  5. hungry liao lo....

    i want to eat hahaha

  6. Claire..hmmm what will I say hehe. foods looks hmm yummy.can I ask you some favor? maybe u can share malaysian recipe to me hehe. if its ok for you.
    everytime you post food here ,,t makes me hungry hehe

  7. Hi Reanaclaire, Holy Smoke! You really have a heavy breakfast?
    I love half boiled eggs with two toasts, magarine, sprinkling of sugar, and iced coffee for breakfast.

    My wife expecting to give birth next week, she eats more...drop by if free. Best regards, Lee.

  8. the food looks so delicious..makes me so hungry..

  9. i love eggs too...but if you are pregnant you should not be taking half-boiled eggs ya...Don't take anything raw or half cooked.

  10. Woah, so many fried foods you eat in the morning. Ya, actually breakfast is the most important meal compare to the others.

  11. burp!!just looking at those makes me sooo full!

  12. ok the ipoh hokkien mee look nice , so next time pls take me there to taste it


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