Saturday, March 28, 2009

Knotted Nerves (chee sin?)

For the past week, my right arm was giving me some pain... let me see... how to describe... like tender, numb. (sounds serious, right?) When I try to lift it up straight, it sort of feels heavy and it is like being punched many times there. Have anyone here experienced this before?

A number of things came through my mind....firstly, is it due to hypertension, am I getting a mild stroke? Fear seeps in slowly... Secondly, did I tear a ligament of my arm playing badminton? Possible too, right? Thirdly, too much hard heavy work at home? Possible too... 4thly, the way I sleep each night is wrong? How do i sleep? Well, I like to put my arm under the pillow and my head and shoulder resting the pillow.... heavy or not? I have slept like that for years and now maybe the nerves are all knotted inside... (claire's own theory)...

Knotted nerves is the greatest possibility.... With all the sitting and surfing in front of the pc, this is the price I gotta pay....


  1. For the past few days I've been having this pain too. It could be due to foong-sup-Rheumatism.

  2. u too? then can shake hands with me.. maybe due to rainy season for u.. but for me, it had been 2 weeks now... hope nothing is clogged or clotted inside..
    btw, who r u? can give me a hint?

  3. hmmm yeah sounds like frozen sholder......but hey it could just be you sleepin gon it for way too did say youve been doing it for years......LOL......the years have taken their toll..............take care....

  4. Too much computer can cause that too - the elbow in the same position for too long, or too much playing with the hp. Usually for stroke, it's the left arm... Try acupunture...or massage.

  5. hey i like to sleep with that kind of posture too wo! Very enjoy if sleep like that huh...hihi.
    Hope nothing wrong with ur arm.

  6. hey there got one product can help your problem but dunno u interested or not. Bear in mind, I'm not doing any direct selling, is so happen this thing happen to my mom and she drank it and get it solved after consumed about 6 bottles like that. If u want more details, we can also chat abt this thru msn.


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