Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Come Karaoke With Me!

For music and song lovers, dare to take a test? Actually I got this idea from Teekay (Greychai) it was in his blog a couple of weeks ago. Lets go down memory lane... shall we? See how much we can remember....

Ok, here are some lyrics to some songs that came to my mind... To make it easier, I will write the first 2 sentences and see whether you all can remember the TITLE and SINGER of the songs or not. Crack your head a bit, ok?

TIP: Hum to the tune to get the title, it is easier...but don't hum too loud, boss might think you are trying to enter "One In A Million" or "American Idol"....hehehehe

1) When I saw you standing there, I've about fell out of my chair.....

2) No, I can't forget this evening, nor your face as you were leaving....

3) Such a feeling coming over me, there is wonder in most everything I see....

4) My Love, there's only you in my life, the only thing that's right... (duet)

5) You asked me if I love you and I choke on my reply.....

6) Oh, my love, my darling, I hunger for your touch... a long, lonely time....

7) I never let you see, the way my broken heart is hurting me....

8) When I was small and Christmas trees were tall, we used to love while others used to play...

9) Such a feeling's coming over me, there is wonder in most everything I see...

10) Every night in my dreams, I see you, I feel you, that is how I know you go on....

Alright, 10 songs to start with..... songs of the 70s and 80s... (sorry, young adults, maybe u were not born yet at that time yet but I am sure some songs are rather familiar too..anyway, correct me if I m wrong with the lyrics, I was cracking my head too just now......)



  1. aiyo..No. 5 is my fav song!!!

  2. hahaha....I only know #4, #6 and #10. Too bad, I can't remember who is the singer etc leh!

  3. Okey.. I Knew some of the song hehehe

    4) Endless love
    5) Unchained melody
    10) My heart will go on

    I know no.8 song but forgot the title... oh ya no.3 and no.9 same la...

  4. 1) Lobo:- I'd Love you to want me. Sam Hui also sing this one too. Haha...Baby..kam tin ngo tei fong heong...
    2) Without You:- Air Supply
    3) Top of the world:- Carpenter
    4) Endless Love:- Lionel Richie And Diana Ross
    5) Sometimes when we touch:- Dan Hill
    6) Ghost Theme.
    7) Dunno this one.
    8) Bee Gees:- First of May?? (I think)
    9) Easy. Top of the world. Carpenter
    10) Easier. My heart will goes on, Celine Dion.

    Tara...9 out of 10. Hows that? Assuming the 9 is correct!

  5. hehe... good try all of you.. i will tell the answers tomorrow... so far, no one got all 10/10 yet.. what shall i reward u all with? any ideas?

  6. this one sap sap sui lah..just like
    CY and i am little better hahahahah, no 7 is i never let you see, the way my broken is hurting me, i have got my pride and i know how to hide it, I DID MY CRYING IN THE RAIN...

  7. sorry,i mean i know all the songs, from 1 to 10,, so reward please,,,,an Iphone, Itune,Iok,Ipod,Iblog Imac, or Itouch or even Itaktahu also can lah

  8. wah...very clever eugene.. so u r in the same age group with me la.. CY is younger..that is why that song was unfamiliar... right?

  9. No Reanclaire. I have heard about crying in the rain but the lyrics just can't ring a bell.
    Next one, try Cantonese Karaoke, OK? See who gets first. Then give Eugene and ILapU. Haha. Take Care. CY

  10. haha...sorry la..cantonese i pun out one... sam hui songs are nice..perhaps u test us one day? maybe i can get 1 or 2 out of 10.. haha...

  11. Sorry, name of singer. Everly Brothers sang No. 7...and Righteous Brothers - Unchained Melody (Ghost song) and Nilsson did the original "Without you" (not Air Supply or Malaya Curry). I win!!! Yeah!!!

  12. wow..situapooi... haha... thanks for coming i owe u all .. lets say..ipoh koay teow la..if anyone of u come down to me.. ok?

  13. I didn't get hardly any of them, just the last one, which isn't good given that i'm a karaoke regular at home and take it pretty seriously and have lots of karaoke equiptment at home and every chance i get me and my friend have a great girls night in a few bottles of wine and belt out some songs. great quiz reanaclaire.


Thank you, readers!

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