Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Shock Then Shiok!

Talking about paid posts, I was a bit taken aback when I saw a post offering $250.00 per review. Impromtu, my head started to calculate mentally how much IF I were to get that... wanna know how much? It is RM900!! Wow....... RM900 for a single post of just 200 words, how does that sound?

No la.. I did not get that post... not qualified... I hope some blogger get it and will share with us here later.
Okay... that was $250.00 .... acceptable...

BUT this morning another greater SHOCK or shiok... there is this certain advertiser... offering......$$1,000 for a review!!! Yes, $1,000.00 man... for a nice simple post.... how much...quick.. how ringgit? Right, it is approx. RM3,600 !!

Wah, fatt tatt lor..... just doing one post, I can have my beauty sleep and have a nice vibrant face for the whole month!

Few hours later....

After posting the above, I was asked whether I got this $1000 opp... UNFORTUNATELY no la.. haha... I dont have such a big head to wear the hat... haha....


  1. huh? so , u got it already?

  2. its good to be shocked if it brings luck to you...get it Miss Claire. now na!

  3. no la.. cannot get.. haha...not for me, anyway... it will be a miracle if i get it.. haha..

  4. hahaha....that is really an amazing offer right? did you see my comment on that opportunity? hahaha, as in trying so hard to get it but nope....i dont hahaha, got only the $11

    how much is $1 exchange in your country? In the Philippines, it is $46

  5. me too me too. i want to do a review...........LOL.....would love to give it a shot......which site?????///

  6. ok, i will pray hard for my first post review,,,,,i take it that my will come in no time,

    but really dont stay up too late to blog, bad for your health,your mental, your joints, your eyes, your mood, your temperement, your appetite, your energy, your peace of mind, your serenity,your skin, your glow,your charm, your complexion, your voice, your sleep,your concentration,your focus,your Yin,your Yang, all the whole just bad lah, but then agian..

    if you like blogging so much, you trade all these for that..

    take care now,, my friend,go and burn that midnight oil

  7. oo...aiks, i thought i can get some share from auntie..hehhee...


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