Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Soy Candles As A Gift

During the last Christmas I received some cute hand-crafted candles as a gift. At first I did not know what to do with them so I just left them back in the box, hoping to use them if there is no electricity one day and naturally I have forgotten all about it until today.

Coming across this Soy Candles website reminded me of the candles I have. According to the website, this Caterpillars Candles and Bath & Body creations are hand-crafted and made of quality lotion that contains all natural cotton wicks, organic soy wax and premium fragrant oils. Caterpillar Candles is one of this wholesale soy candles manufacturers and their mission is not to sell the most but the Best! It seems you can really relax and enjoy the warm ambiance with the wonderful aroma of the soy candle in the air.

Well, I do not know for sure how far is true because I have not try them before. As for my own candles, perhaps I will just take them out as decorations in the living hall. Never know, one day I might use them for a romantic candle light dinner with my love ones...


  1. Show some photo my fren... ;-) Never see 1...

  2. I'm not crazy about scented candles...

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