Saturday, May 30, 2009

In Rawang Now...

This is a late post... .actually I am in Rawang now. Tomorrow I will be back in IPOH... purpose of this trip is to send AA to his rented room in Wangsa Maju. He will be starting his internship on Monday.
Time really flies.....

Spent our whole morning and afternoon and evening in Petaling Jaya, Ikea... so much wonder things to browse and buy...

I am like a country lady visiting a big city....

And most attractive in our itinerary is the FOOD!

Will post more pictures when I get back to IPOH..... meanwhile.... good evening and good night to all of you!


  1. safely arrive in Ipoh? Glad you have a good trip and AA can now enjoy his stay in KL... Do come by KL more often ya... :)

  2. hi Cynthia..i m still in rawang.. waiting for my kids to get up and then we go for the tailok mee in town.. after which we will go back straightaway..thanks to my fren, she will send my son to wangsa maju for me... some frens are truly wonderful...!!

  3. wah.. having tailok mee ah.. I am having oyster fried aka "oh jian" in my home.. hehehee... :) Have a safe trip back ya..

  4. wah..oh jian also i like leh.. u cook yrself? so geng...where to buy hoe jian also i dont know..haha... this rawang one is famous for its tai lok mee cooked with yam...


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