Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mama's Meal And Guess The Sex Result!

Tonight's dinner at my mama's place together with my sisters and family. It was just a simple meal cooked by my mum, nothing like those days where abundant food were laid on the table. I realized my mama is getting old and cooking is not as elaborate like years ago. Simple or not, I appreciate her cooking and calling us back for this bah chang festival. (but no bah chang here)

my mum's speciality...
stuffings done by herself...

roasted pork but not the crispy type
a lot of left over
can mix with vege tomorrow..

this is a "woo soe kai"
steamed chicken is a must..

choy kon soup...(dried vege)
sweet and nice...

Oh, by the way, the results to yesterday's GUESS THE SEX


(i m truly amazed that most of u guessed correctly la...
all macam experts in analysing stomachs... lol.....


  1. Wah... Yong Tau Foo... looks nice... "saliva drooling".. My mum only able to make "bak chang" but no dinner coz weather too hot, I just cook a pot of porridge... :)

  2. Hi. I was here. How are you. Long time no hear.

    I feel hungry every time I saw the food you post in your blog. Looks Yummy to me.

    Pls. Check my you tube video I post in my blog. Let me know what you think about it. lol!Take care.

  3. Another princess in the making huh...

    Looks delish!

  4. ayooo... I choose what ah?? I think!


  5. Those are yummy food! Making me hungry!

  6. the yong tau fu looks very very nice! btw, my mama also made choy kon soup for me the other day, it's my top fave! hehe..

    ops..i made the wrong guess :<

  7. Girl kah? Chesh...wrong guess!!! Hahahahaha!!!

  8. don't reply to comments all the time? At times, like talking to the wall! No response!

  9. yes, i do reply, stp,..hahaha.. u r definitely not talking to the wall, i always keep track of the comments and i answer a few at a time...

    but most of u gave the correct answer if u refer back to the comments in the previous post.. anyway, it is just for fun and my fren, Lynn will be giving birth anytime in June...

    thanks for coming by here and giving support, all of you, breanna, maria, chubs, cathJ, gorgeous mum, jen and STP..i appreciate that...

  10. Eh, we had choy-kon soup also wor!

  11. Food again? I must not visit your blog when i'm hungry :)

  12. never tasted choy kon soup before,, can give recipe ka,, may be i coax my wife into cooking one for the family..

    you very hou mein la,, my mom hardly cooks for me now,,,,

  13. chumsy mama, for 2 days i didnt put on food la...

    eugene, choy kon is very senang one.. just buy the dried vege from the sundry shop, soak it till soft and clean, put in red dates, dried sotong and meat and u hv the choy kon tong already.. easy as abc... hehe..

    pureglutton, u and jen also sama.. we all cook and drink the same soup..

  14. those are yummy foods especially those raosted pork.

    have a good weekend

  15. Happy Festival...........
    n nice dinner...

  16. I'm craving for these yum yum yummy food...ahhh. :)

  17. Yeh! I am right. The bb is a girl.

    I must say your mom is a good chef, all the food taste good.

  18. LOL... know it liao, it's a girl. LOL... becoz if the stomach round round liddat, confirm a girl. If a boy, surely the stomach would look abit oval. =.=

  19. yes..most of u all guess the baby is a girl.. so clever... big and round.. dont know whether it is a myth or not actually...


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