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Playing With Photofunia

Last Night after sending my girl to tuition, sitting alone in front of the pc, watching youtubes and nothing better to do, I played with this Photofunia again... it is fun... lol... putting our photos there and becoming one of these below... Well, for those who are still feeling down and out and nothing much to do at home or office .. meanwhile, you can have fun playing with this ... it might cheer u up a bit... put your mind off the bad news last week...

My Last Post For Michael Jackson

Last night TV showed Michael Jackson's concert in Bucharest, I watched the whole show and it ended around 1.30am... my goodness, the audience was ... so hysterical, I mean, they really cried and cried for him and he was still alive performing then. I wonder how they would react now that he has gone forever... will their hearts be broken, will they cry uncontrollably? Men and ladies alike, they were "crazy" over MJ... but all I can say, he is really a Legend here on earth. His concert was really astounding, spectacular, overwhelming and .. and... I cannot find the perfect word to describe it... Radios are still playing his songs even today, news on TV are still showing... he is greater than a royalty or an earthly king. Missed by lots and lots of people. I will not judge him for what he has done but as far as I feel, I still have a good impression on him.... A tribute to Michael Jackson - You Are Not Alone... After this, I no more blog about him... I will on

Saturday Diary...

Lazy Saturday... woke up 9.50am, went to market to buy pork (swine flu nothing to do with pork, right?) and 2 salted eggs, bought a loaf of bread for our breakfast, Labby and I... share, share... After eating 2 slices, I started to work on the lunch, the menu for today was porridge mixed with minced pork, salted eggs and groundnuts. Felt like eating porridge, so long never cooked like this....first microwaved the groundnuts to soften them, minced the pork and seasoned it with salt, sauce and tapioca flour. Then boiled the grounduts together with the " beras "... when porridge was thickening, I threw the minced pork and salted egg in and let them simmer slowly... ( kau thim , sau koong ..... ) 1pm Went to pick up my girl from school, today saturday also got school..sigh... by the time we reached home, the porridge was ready for us... 2pm My private session started... (no disturbance, please) Malaysia Badminton Open was on and I watched till after 5pm... eyes droopin

Michael Jackson HiStory Lives On....

Today 26/06/2009, time approx. 7.30am, while driving to work, radio channel 988 (chinese) mentioned Michael Jackson has died but the DJs said not confirmed yet, could be another rumour... so I just brushed it aside. Reaching office, colleagues here and there said MJ has died.. real bluff... I brushed it aside again cos radio said ma , could be another gossip.... Read some blogs, in fact 4 bloggers' blog, said the same time, the King Of The Pop has really gone... really bluff? Quickly I looked at Yahoo news, CNN news... true enough... he has died... but I, no feel yet... Went to pick up girl from school, Girlie said MJ died, according to her classmates... (wah, young girls also know that so fast?) Me? Also No feel yet..... 5pm, while driving home from office, I switched on the Radio 988 again, the song BEAT IT was playing... brought back some old memories, then the 2 DJs was talking about MJ... this , that.. this , that....AND.... I FINALLY FELT IT.....MICHA

A Memorable Time In First Garden

This afternoon lunch was very "foong foo." (extravagant) Not in terms of cash, but in terms of food. For a mere RM6 per person, we ate a few varieties in three different places. We had a good time together, there were only 3 of us now since May Tan has opted for retirement. At 1pm we reached Moments Cafe in First Garden, we had 1 plate of fried rice and 1 plate of fried yee mee, shared among 3 of us.... we ordered 2 bec' this cafe served in big portions, very worth it one... and true enough, our stomachs were satisfied with the good food. Too bad I didn't photo them... Then I suggested we go for tau foo far dessert but ended up eating durians instead. We saw a lot of durians at the road side and couldn't resist going near...then ended up eating all we can... for a mere RM3 only ...hahahhaahahaha.... one durian only cost us RM1 nia ... so cheap, man... Lynn Tan... at the road side eating to her satisfaction before baby comes out... The durian boss was very

Our Pets, Jingle Bell And Labby

In these 7 months, I have two dogs... but one, as I mentioned in my posts earlier this year, he has gone missing in early February. His name is Jingle Bell, cute name for a cute daschund ... till today I still think of him because he is a very smart dog eventhough he is only a year old when I took him home. Then in April, I took Labby home. She was four months old then and now, she is 7-8 months old. But her size? I can say she looks very matured for a 8 month old puppy, as you can see from the picture here and in my earlier post. Labby is a friendly doggie ... she does not bark at people.... in fact she wags her tail vigorously when she sees people visiting us. How to " jaga " house like that? How to teach her to be more fierce? Other than scratching me, she loves to eat anything.... hahaha ... she eats like she hasn't eaten for months! The way she gulps down the food without tasting reminds me of Scamper in Enid Blyton . So.... anyone here can tell me how t

MNG and Kimberley Street, Penang

After the Mong Kok lunch in Queensbay, we walked around doing some window shopping ... and suddenly lo and behold, one shop got cheap sales wo , so many people, more people means Good Buy, yes? So I went in and joined in the crowd...people buy, I also buy (dont want to chap shu ma ...) Andy also said, "buy la, mum..." and so I bought TWO (without even trying, so long Q, lazy to wait) .... thank goodness they fit me when I tried them at home.... Ok, back to the main topic, for dinner, we went to Kimberly Street, Penang and sat at the road side...really roadside one... pollution all around... not very used to it, but who cares... just walloped first...... stewed chicken drumsticks... soft and nice.. anyone likes chicken feet? ooohh...Andy and I love this... a bowl of koay teow t'ng and lastly, we ordered a nyonya dumpling... IPOH doesn't have this.. as far as i know...

One Afternoon In Queensbay Mall

After fetching my son from his hostel around 12.30pm, we adjourned to Queensbay Mall STRAIGHTAWAY.... firstly, both of us were equally hungry.... 2ndly, Queensbay is the only place I am familiar with... If I were to go to town, we would end up rounding here and there and eventually, our stomachs would be "suffering" of hunger. Ok, coming back to our lunch, we went to Mong Kok restaurant/cafe, not so sure.... Son said he never been there before, (sure ma...students with mums like me .....their budget monthly don't cater for places like these) anyway, once awhile, when mama comes, he can order whatever he likes.... goes.... cold mango dessert similiar to the durian desserts I have in my earlier post the durian dessert was much better than this this pastry was a bit hard my son's fruit dessert my bowl of chicken mee... shanghai mee or something like that... the mee is the fine type i like it but the soup was not hot enough andy ordered this claypot chicken

The Journey, Indonesia Finals N Ipoh Laksa (3 in 1)

Hi again, I started to drive back from Penang island at around 12.20pm and I reached IPOH 5 minutes before 2pm. Today I took only 1 1/2 hours to reach IPOH whereas yesterday I took 2 hours plus to reach my son's college. Why so fast? Well, actually ah ... I was rushing to come home to watch the Badminton Finals on TV, it was the Indonesia Open finals today. Furthermore, today I didn't get lost like yesterday, it was a straight journey home, only stopping at Taiping resthouse to answer nature's call and to buy some steamed groundnuts for my girl. So nice.... I can reach home in time to watch my favourite game.... and the good news was the doubles ladies and men single won! Congratulations to them!! But the most exciting match to watch was the men's doubles, Korea won against China! Yeeehhhh... Lee Yong Dae was fantastic la... Andnow.... to add more " spices " to this post, here are some pics I took when we had lunch in Pasir Pinji... (this is bac

Greetings From IRC Penang

hi..greetings from Penang... now in Island Red Cafe near Sunshine Square, using their computer here... Drove to Penang this time, early morning after 10am, reached my son's college around 12.30pm, yes, took me 2 1/2 hours cos I didn't break the law, 110km on the highway, 70km in Bayan Lepas, turned the wrong way, detoured and that was why the delay..... still ... arrived safely in one piece. Took Andy to Queensbay mall for lunch, we were very hungry by the time we reached... wanted to go I-dragon restaurant, saw the menu outside and changed our mind... it was so darny expensive! Then Andy suggested Mong Kok Restaurant, both of us not sure what they served but in we went... Took some pictures of what we ate... actually not nice... so-so only.. For dinner, we went to Kimberly Street, sat at the road side with all the "added flavours" of the polution..hahhaa... never mind, wallop juga... and now I am here... Not that I am crazy about blogging, but I do need to say H

An Unaccomplished Mission

Okay, before the pictures come out, let me warn that it might be very "yucky"for you... those with weak heart, please skip this post... :) As mentioned in my earlier posts, Labby is now our Labrador pet, she is eight months old and a superactive and hyperactive doggie and more so especially when she sees me.... she will jump all over me and I have to say NO! NO! each time she jumps... I guess it is my fault... u see, I always like to feed her with biscuits so ....when she sees me coming out to the porch, she will jump with joy thinking I have something for her to eat.... This time when I was taking the biscuits from the tin, she jumped up again and I felt something stinging behind my leg. But I didn't bother to look, I continued playing with her, making her run to fetch the "toy" and rewarding her with biscuits.... Then after a few minutes, I " beh tahan " the stinging and looked behind my leg... OH GOSH! It was all red and the scratch mark was at

1919 In IPOH Garden

Lunch was at 1919 restaurant in Ipoh Garden East before we proceeded to watch a movie at Kinta City. Girlie wanted to see Hannah Montana, leaving us no choice but to follow her... :) two guys and two gals... As Gab said, this restaurant has a nostalgic feeling there, with the marble tables and paintings on the wall, it is like a restaurant cum gallery..., right Gab? Coming back to this lunch, 1919 does serve nice dishes, they have their own signature dishes, some shown below and there are lots more in the menu... the photos/pictures on the wall.. fried chicken coated with salted egg dry assam fish nearer version... this is brinjals eggplant their speciality too.. crispy on the outside but soft inside.. with some sweet sauce as toppings... and lastly, mixed vegetables.. i like the asparagus and the cashew nuts.. this's the layout...minus the brinjals.. the price? it cost RM66 endless servings of rice and chinese tea ...

At Nam Kew, Anderson Road, IPOH

After church around 10pm, we went to have dinner cum supper at Nam Kew, Anderson Road, IPOH. They have more varieties there but we ended up eating from one stall only, these dishes from the same stall and it cost RM76.... 2 plates of noodles were missing from here.... tai lok mee buttered lai liew har (crap) not crappy talk... vegetables with garlic sambal la la steamed talapia fish with sauce 2 more types of noodles didn't manage to take cos too hungry then... a potential photographer... must snap pic first...

My Heroes

Upon reaching home after the purchase of the THREE durians, the mission began to start.... Getting my camera ready, I give the honour to the "heroes" to officiate the opening ... Get ready, the huffing and the puffing were about to start... all because of a small stubborn durian.. It takes a pair of hands initially... then Two pairs of hands... still not accomplished yet... it just wouldn't open up... have to use the knife now! cut, cut....saw....sawww.... finally.... got it done... but... what is Gab doing with his hands? oh, getting the Object ready... for his Camera... small but stubborn durian... looks good, eh... after seeing these pics, i think i gonna go out to get one now...