Monday, June 8, 2009

Famous In Pasir Pinji, IPOH

From the nursing home, three of us adjourned to one stall in Pasir Pinji, famous for its crispy fishballs and beancurd (foo pei) but unfortunately, it was so crowded that I gave up ordering. Since it was such a hot Sunday, we ordered something cooling to drink....

this shop is along Pasir Pinji Main Road
near Pinji 5

long time no drink this one...
Sek Lau Chee

this is kueh kak
from the way it looked, not tasty
but surprisingly, it was nice....

after the above, we adjourned to another stall
along the same road further up
famous for Groundnut Dessert

a big pot of Far Sang Woo
(groundnut dessert)

thick and nice...huh?

remember Mua Chee?
my childhood days all time favourite

patrons enjoying the above mentioned..
sitting on the cement chair
very authentic one...


  1. Foooooooddd!!!! O_O ahahaha.. sot ady! kueh kak.. i love it!

  2. haha...come come... i take u one day... u will love it!

  3. oooohhhh....yummy food. i love kueh kak and that mua chee...sad to say, in sabah, i cant find one. maybe i should try harder...hmmm...

  4. easy to do, tiee..u open a stall .. i m sure u will get good biz..

  5. food hmm so yummy.
    How I wish I can taste one of them in the future hehe.
    Are you good in cooking too claire?

    Your posts are always interesting.

  6. Everytime I visited you, I'm surely be hungry...!! Arrgghhhh...yummy food!

  7. hope u all forgive me... i am trying to share whatever i have tried so that when u visit IPOH next time, u know where to get nice food.. :)

    Weng, frankly, i m not good in cooking.. not the real kind of cook, my dishes are all simple making only,...

  8. I love to try new time when I visit you..sure I can taste a good one kan? hehee

  9. I went there when I visited Ipoh lastime! Ipoh is really an eatery place~

  10. Hi Reanaclaire, I guess you all the Indiana Jones where food is concerned, ha ha.
    I have not eaten 'mua chi' I think 25 years.
    Looks good too.
    You have fun, best regards, Lee.

  11. can u post from kuih kak for me? i m hungry now. in the office

  12. yes, Calv.. when u come, tell me..then i share with u what to eat.. :)

    yes, lulu, ipoh is an eatery place.. most of us are overweight.. hahaa..

    U.Lee, thanks for coming by.. mua chee is indeed very nice..esp when it is still warm..

    little lamb, kuih kak...some places not nice... this one is ok...

  13. Wow! The Peanut Paste looks good. I miss eating them. The Mua Chee too. How much was the pricing? I believe it isn't costly.

  14. costly or not, just let me tell u.. u judge... one bowl RM 1.50 , same with mua chee...

    expensive or not? but then, if u think of quality... u will be willing to pay.. hahaha...

  15. WahAWHwhAwhAW~~ I made everyone goes confuse.

    They are my Sunday's School students...

  16. OH.. i like to eat at Tau She Tau also!!! Every time balik sure go there and eat!!! I miss IPOH!!! and the drive in soya bean near Fu San also1

  17. so .. Richard, u r a sunday school teacher.. syabas...

    Cynthia.. so u know how to go cari makan also ah...

  18. You are making me hungry with all the foods.. :(
    Haven't take lunch yet lah..

  19. these are side stalls which tourists might not know about... i also dont know till not too long ago.. cos it is in a new village area..

  20. hmmm... i think the "ice drink" shd be sedap!

  21. Why are they serving the food in plastic and polysterene? They throw it all away after that? Not very environment-friendly like that...

  22. oh..those served with that were bec they were not inside the shop itself, they are roadside hawkers outside the shop, so they dont supply plates, perhaps the shop didn't want to help them clean up the plates later on...

    sigh...for convenience, who will think of environment? all they want is biz...

  23. Big Tree Feet Beautiful. Hmm, must go one. :D Claire, thanks for posting this. ;)

  24. Go go..Chua... remember there are 2 big trees..go to the one inside pasir pinji area .. ok...+

  25. MUA CHEE!! it's been awhile ^^

    Btw i came frm vialentino's site..keep up da blogging =)

  26. thanks EVo for coming by.. i appreciate that.. yes, muachee is an authentic dessert.. from decades ago...

  27. i miss the sek lau chee!!!! where is the exact location of this place eh? would like to go there next month ...slurp slurp

  28. barb.. it is in pasir pinji.. along the main road .. how to tell u ah..i also dont know the road's name..haha... near pinji 5..
    dont go to the one near the tuck kee restaurant, not so nice...
    u go inside pasir pinji... if u lose yr way, call me or ask the locals there.. mesti dapat!

  29. hi mommy claire..maybe if you will let me stay with you, i will gain 10 pounds in 1 week!

  30. u r frightening me.. no wonder i m overweight!

  31. Is that "Funnie" slurping away??????

  32. no..slurping away is some lady.. eating away .. is the fer


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