Monday, June 1, 2009

Was That A Gimmick Or Were We Too Late?

Saturday Night in the city... no, it is not a Saturday Night Fever dancing but a Saturday Night Dinner with Ah Yat Abalone Restaurant....

My fren Bel, booked the table earlier in advance for their latest promotion.... we were so excited!!


Looks good, hor?

We were looking forward to eating this promotion package... once a life time affair ma, so must treat ourselves a real good dinner, hor....

Then ah... when we placed our order, this young boyish waiter gave us the bad news of our lifetime! He said, "no more already, all finished."
HEY, fren.... it was only 7pm when we entered the restaurant, so fast finished???? Bel was quite furious and asked him, "Is this a gimmick? Luring us with this attractive package?" The waiter, sensing our disbelief, then said, "you can order another package, 88rm."

chey... not same one... this one no promotion, the menu is different, less varieties and more mostly too... mana eh sai

Feeling disappointed, I thought of getting up and walked away, but see, see, we have touched the groundnuts and the appetiser already... so no choice, have to look at the menu and see what's else to take instead....

Finally settle for TWO sets of the 88rm Package and one plate of fried noodles... there were 5 of us, hopefully enough la... eat little bit, little bit la... tam pok tam pok nia... sigh..

this one.... vinegarish type of soup....

this one also not very nice....

this one appetiser..
but not appetising for us...

three stalks of vegetable...
hey, each one one stalk, cukup ok?

we tot this is KFC
how come got KFC in this restaurant?

cut...cut... see see....
it was a pork rib nia...

a mini sized dumpling...

each of us one spoonful, ok?

so this is called Abalone!
mushroom and the what feet...
all cut into small pieces...
(sharing is caring ma..)

followed by this small bowl of dessert

if we didnt order this side dish, our stomaches would still be growling..
this dish cost us RM22 ...... so Expensive... lol....

After finishing our dinner, we had a good laugh... instead of coming here to have a nice great meal, we came here to pay for the "unexpected".... all these mini sized food came to RM242!!
In Ipoh, for RM242 for 5 persons, we can have a nice hefty delicious seafood meal .... lol.....
After this dinner, we went for SUPPER.... char koay teow and tailok mee!! Then only feel satisfied.... what a night!


  1. hahaha... what a day to spend in Ah Yat.. this restaurant always like that, the last round I went, also kena!!! sigh...

    from the postings, you have quite a good trip to KL ya.. come more often.. :)

  2. AHahaha.. I think kena tipu liao lo.. ahaha :P So bad. LOL!. rm242 very very very expensive leh.. Haha.. you still in KL?

  3. u also kena before, cynthia? wa lau eh... in that case, we better be wiser next time...

    wensher, i m back in ipoh already..u can online at yr rented room? how was work first day?

  4. Ayo my fren...WHAT A NITE!! If my hubby already walk off ...hahahaha...

  5. yeah lo Cath J... i really wanted to walk off... at least go and eat side stalls also better leh...
    anyway, for country bumpkins like me, just take it as an experience.. a burning pocket experience..haha..

  6. wow.. another mouth-watering post....:-)

    thanks for sharing!!!

  7. Thanks Claire. The restaurant will be sooo blacklisted when I visit Ipoh this December, my bro's getting married to Ipoh girl. :D Have a nice day. ;)

  8. Sorry about the post. LOL. I was a lil' bit sleepy. I take it the restaurant is not in Ipoh, no? Anyway, after Ipoh we're going to KL for few days. :D

  9. I think it is a gimmick.

    Anyway, I have went to Ah Yat before. We had a wonderful meal. About 10 of us but spent quite a lot, about RM1.5K. Hehe.

  10. it is ok KYChua... sometimes we r a bit blur blur..haha..esp when food is around, that is why i couldnt get up and walked away...

    I dont know it is gimmick or not, my fren booked the table 2 days earlier and we were on time ... maybe we didn't tell them the number of persons, that was why it was not enough for us...

  11. Is gimmick!, if i were you, i probably just walk out even i have touch the peanuts, who cares! cos they also not honest what!

    Post bigger their sign board!

  12. this is not good. they shouldn't trick people like that. i bet if they knew you are a blogger, they won't do this to you...hahahahahaha. ok, i'll remember not to patron this Ah Yat Abalone next time.

  13. hahaa..dont be like that la.. can still frequent ah yat..only that, this time make sure book the package too... be more specific.. maybe we were not specific enough.. we didnt say how many persons wanted that package..

  14. I think this is a trick to attract more people but RM242 for few small dishes, i rather give up and walk away

  15. Chinese people do business where got rugi one! Have to be careful with these special offered! Often tricks to catch unsuspecting victims!

  16. once bitten twice shy lo..and also will be wiser too..
    next time before entering, ask properly first..package masih ada or not..

  17. wah lau!!! RM245 for all that?????? Geez...rugi liao..
    some more hor..the abalone..soooooo kecikkkkk

  18. wah liao. GIMMICK. Better report. if i were there, sure I will be screaming n shouting if NO explanation or good reason given. but before that, u read the t&c carefully or not

  19. mana ada terms and conditions one.. anyway, it was over with.. next time no more... go somewhere else for the Monk jump over the wall... fatt tiu cheong.. never taken that before too...

  20. wah, really like daylight robbery wor! i would have walked out ler.

  21. Aiyo, very expensive. I think the food in this restaurant is overated! Agree, in Ipoh get very good meal with that price!

  22. the end need to pay more than u asking for.

    this is really a good gimmick ler....getting ppl to the restaurant....order bit by bit...end up need to pay more and profit the restaurant.

  23. It seemed that you are one of Ah Yat Kor's latest victims. I would get a bashing from my relatives or friends if I ever dared to mention Ah Yat. LOL


  24. what a night...hahaha..after tat, can still wallop char koay teow and tai lok mee...

  25. OMG! I can't believe my eyes. Just 3 stalks of siew pak choy? What a rip off! This place really must ban.

  26. I think for the price you pay, the serving size definitely is too small and not worth it. And some more you said the food not taste good? This is really bad.

  27. actually one package is for one person.. but during that moment, we were already disappointed so ended up calling 2 packages only for 5 of us.. plus a plate of rm22 noodles..sigh..

  28. Humph... u all get cheat liao la! Sure gimmick wan! I see a lot of restaurant use this tactic...

  29. really, Cleff? how could they.. i guess only the rich could afford to eat such expensive food.. haha..

  30. oooh yummy! Too bad I am allergic to Abalone T_T. Else I swear I would bring my family to Ah Yat for dinner! ^__^

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