Monday, July 20, 2009

Methodist Senior Fellowship Night

whoaa.... wait... don't be misled by the title of my post.... I am NOT senior yet, not even qualified to be one yet, OK.... right, now u can read on... hehehehe....

Tonight I attended a MSF dinner with my sister who IS a member of MSF (methodist senior fellowship), she qualifies cos she is above (when she sees this, I will get it!).... But ME? not yet la... still got a bit more years to go.

ACTUALLY, I was not supposed to be there, I was only invited as a "guest" to worship together with my sister who is the leader tonight. I am only a pre-potential member.... hahaha... don't worry, sis, I will register myself as a senior once I reach 50....

getting ready to worship first..
before "makan"

the "buffet dinner" in the hall

food, glorious food...
priority to those above 70..

didnt realise my church has many seniors too...

the two golden girls...
hey, they r not 70 yet... haha...

karoke time after makan

singing along....

come, lets Bless our Lord...


  1. haha...should post more of my parents pics...

  2. wow... your in your church.. my uncle is a Methodist Pastor!! :)

    and my relatives are active like you as well!! :)

    Abiel Online Ü
    Love Thoughts Love Lines...

  3. Ha ha, not Senior but Super Senior....opppps,, just joking look very young to be in this category....LOL!

  4. Is that you in the last picture, didnt know you could play guitar or just for tayang-tayang only.

    so did you enjoy yourself there, or did you envision yourself there in let say 5.10, 15 years from now,,hahahah.

  5. chris, that one is priceless.. see how happy they were last night..

    Hi @biel, your uncle is from which church, may i know? my church pastor is Jeyakumar.. came not too long ago from Klang..

    Pete, as i mentioned in my post, me not qualified yet la.. a bit more years.... sigh...

    Eugene, dont play play hor.. if i no play guitar, i wouldnt be invited leh.. chey...hhehehe.. egostic me..
    just one pose only la ..before we started worshipping.. some more very blur blur too...
    another few years, i will join them.. cannot deny that..

  6. God is good and he has given you a good talent. I cannot play guitar ussh but i wanted too :)
    Involving in church activities are good and I salute you for being active in your church.

  7. thank u Weng.. i m not really that good in guitar playing but i cant deny i love music and singing... :) yes, thank God for what He has given us..

  8. Claire ah...u can play d guitar? so cool! hv been wanting to learn for sooo long but nvr had d time to learn owh (hhmmm..not NO time, excuses only hor ;)

  9. yes, miss mathew, not very good, just can play some songs... hahhaa... now i hope to learn the piano.. anyone offers to teach me for free??? i will try my best not to stress u up!!


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