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Cheap N Nice, I Want..

"Hello, Mr. Wah? I read from that your car is for sale? how much r u selling... .... ... bla ..bla....blaaa...."

Then I made an appointment with Mr. Wah and this evening I went with Andy to see the car. Both of us are not car experts but agak-agak, we know the market value of cars after filtering through the for days....

He came promptly at 6.30pm and one look at the car, we were impressed. Body nicely polished, lacy accessories in the interior, cushion still very new, I can say tip top condition, even the engine was so clean and nice.... all except for the tyres... ok, no problem, those can be replaced..

It was an Iswara Aeroback year 2000 and he wanted RM10,300.... it was a bit expensive, market price should be around RM7-8 K plus). Then I asked him to switch on the car air con... air coming out instead. He told us it was just gas problem, I was thinking if it was just gas, why didn't he add it since he is going to sell? Something must be wrong with the compressor or condenser.... putting in gas will only be temporary.... if air con problem, then it might need another 1K to repair....

So nego, nego with him..I said 8K plus ... I will take it up.... (in my heart, i was thinking, come on, come on...accept my offer....)

But no... this Mr Wah didn't want to accept. Most he can give me is RM10,300....

sigh... Now I am contemplating... should I buy or should I wait for more choices....

I think I wait... I am sure there are many out there nowadays....


  1. u must test drive the car too..

  2. Find another car, now second hand ones are very cheap, aircon problem sometime will still persist after repair but normally proton car aircon last quite long leh.

  3. wenn: oh yeah..forgot to test drive also.. hahaha...but the engine was very quiet.. if price a bit lower around 8plus, i will grab ...

    Pete, yes, cheap i heard but some dealers just wouldnt want to lower the price...

  4. RM10K can get good second hand cars dy.. browse thru somemore..

  5. ya lor.. look into other source.. and The Star newspaper.. got some more websites de..

  6. very tricky ... and likely you have to do a major service after buying it. Consider the hidden cost. Why not get a new Saga or MyV?

  7. claire,
    I Think you are a good negotiator hehe.I do negotiate too if i wanted to buy something.find a car that is worth for your money. im sure that there are more new second hands that are worth to buy.
    I know Andy could wait until you can purchase one :)

    Happy Wednesday my friend!

  8. Merryn, yes,i think so too..will browse thru more..

    cynthia, nv tot of the star too.. will look into it..

    chris, boleh subsidize?

    Weng, happy Thursday to u! :)

  9. He's asking for 10K plus, U asking for 8K plus, sure cannot close the deal lah.

    Get another car, now used car very cheap mah.

  10. you know claire, i learn one thing the othere,you just cant put gas into the car air-con,when you do that it only shows that your car air-con is going to kaput,,,,,

    sounding expert, right,,

    take care now

  11. 10k ++??!!! for a year 2000 2nd hand iswara aeroback is quite expensive...p/s: MUST always test drv b4 u buy a car ok :)

  12. Maybe Motor Trader magazine helps?

  13. there are a LOT of cars for sale..dont be in hurry. also get an expert to check out the car.....
    10 yrs old...timing belt change, tyre change, see they re-set the odometer, air-con, etc... get full service record if possible.

  14. many to choose from the mkt. dun buy jek

  15. better don't get it since there's something wrong. very fishy :D

  16. 9 year old car.. not worth 10k anymore.. some more aircond got problem and you need to replace tyres. 8k also not worth.

    Look around some more better :).

  17. Aminos, if no deal, no is worth around that price.. lots of other "fishes" out there..

    Eugene, that was what i suspect too, if just gas, why doesnt he just put it in.. why wait for buyer to ask... must be some problem there..

    Ms Mathew..yes 10K definitely a bit over market price...

  18. Josephine: thanks, i check the website out later... my son likes to go

    Rachel Lamb, u sounds like car expert :) have to learn, hor? i know how to see physically only... engine all, i cried Help, Help...

    Sasha: *tabik* yes, madam!

    Mummy Chumsy, yes, i think the air con condenser has some problem !

    Ladyviral, if he let go at 8K, i might buy.. add another 1 or 2 K, very nice already... i think..:)

  19. Hi Claire....since my bro-in-law is a service/engine engineer....he's too expensive for a 2000 year model....soon or later....u will find out more problems...if u want a 2nd hand car...try 2004 or above...

  20. Hi Connie, thanks for asking from BIL.. i aso feel it is quite expensive, market price is around 8K plus..
    Now i m looking for cars in Penang.. my son doesnt have to drive all the way from ipoh to penang..

  21. There are lots of cars to choose from so why in a hurry?It's your choice to have a good car and it's your money that you will be spending there.And besides,buying a car is expensive so you have to be more wise of spending them.Wait for more choices that suits your budget^_^

  22. hi Clarissa, that is what i m telling Andy too.. we will wait for more choices before we decide to buy.. i told him to search for more in the website first and we can go to car dealers during this weekend too..


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