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Hoi Seng IPOH

It has been a long while since I last posted on food.... unexpected happenings happened and now we (my family) is still adapting to the news that had befallen us. Come last Sunday, we de-stressed and had a dinner out in this newly opened restaurant, just nearby our neighbourhood.

Took my mum, my 2 kids, (sorry AA, u went back a day early), my sister and her husband, 6 of us went to try out this restaurant. From the outside, it was very impressive, it looked kind of neat and trendy...later on, I am sure wedding dinners will be held there during the weekends..

Though the place is impressive, I cannot say so much on the food... for me, it was a rating 6/10, they were recommended by the captain, herself, their specialities...

the entrance...

just opened on the 15/8

the inside deco.. a part of it..

mui choy with choy yuen RM10
a bit tasteless... 6/10

their special beancurd RM9
this one was ok... 8/10

the gravy was nice...

buttered fish 7/10

cost rm 24

sai to fish balls RM6
not to my taste 6/10

claypot chicken 6/10
RM 12

Hoi Seng Restaurant
Bill came to RM75
plus all the tit bits...

Since it is near my house, I know we will be going there another day, this time, will order different dishes and rate them again..

Hoi Seng Restaurant, no 86, Jalan Dato Lau Pak Khuan, Ipoh.
(If they happen to see me advertise for them, I wonder what they would say.... my ratings doesn't look good to them.... but then again, who am I... lol....)


  1. but the photos look yummy! oh wait. its 8 pm and i havent had dinner. Ah- haha

  2. aaah..ha. u better take your dinner now, Ju Ann, u r very slim... :) have a hearty dinner!

  3. 75 bucks for all of that, reasonable lah. In restaurant some more.

  4. wow...but it must be cosy inside the restaurant. Not really bad what the rating that you gave. still above average. :-)

  5. Hey, this restaurant is just opposite the main road and not far away from Ipoh Garden East Jaya Jusco. There are many nice and good restaurants in Ipoh. Price also very reasonable!.....aiya now hungry....going to cook supper, what to cook ah?,,,,,,,fridge got bacon, kueh teow, fu chuk.....

  6. Aminos..75 a bit pricey la.. ipoh ma.. :)

    Tiee, yeah..not so bad but should be better.. lets see the 2nd time round..

    Pete, this is in ipoh garden area, old ipoh garden, just beside the post office, its a new glass building..

    Mery, they have other yummy food as well,.. we didnt try yet..will slowly try cos so nearby....

  7. hey claire - in case u want to find a 2nd car in shop eh, u can go to this shop. OAM Oriental Auto Sdn Bhd. Mr Lim Lye Hock. Hp: 019-4465575, 016 4465575 and 016-4205575. Office: 04-2821433, 2811575, 2826298. Addr : 55, Hamilton Road, 11600 Pg.

  8. Great .... go and de-stress! You guys needed a lot of energy and peace of mind now :)

  9. wow...looks's good to eat and destress sometimes. :) God bless you all.

  10. Amy, thank u for the info.. will do...

    Chris, yes..needs yr prayers too...

    Gab, next time your turn.. God bless u too!

  11. I'm always a fan of beancurd and you always have them here for me to enjoy!!Thanks,Claire!!\(^0^)/

  12. Place looks ok, food looks ok, price looks ok... But I think we have nicer places here for weddings with nicer food - RM300-350 per table of 10.

  13. I thought 15/8 was the rating. :D Then I noticed the pix were only the entrance. :P

  14. mmmm...yummy food :D i like the buttered fish and beancurds :D

  15. Clarissa, this bean curd was their speciality, not bad though i dont fancy it much but my kids love it..

    STP, yes, i m sure there r better places, each town different styles.. food also varies, depends on how much u want the package to be... eh, i tot u r on the plane?

    KYChua, 15/8..baru opened..hahaa..

    Barb, u should know where, right?

  16. you rich lah you,,, always makan di restuarant,, i only homecook or hawker cook,,,

    but i guess it is ok to lavish on ourselves once in awhile lah

    take care

  17. wow the special tofu and sai to fish ball looks yummy... Kind of looking at more food now with blog browsing.. hungry leh~

  18. Eugene, ok ok.. i get the time come ipoh, i take u there.. :)

    ladyviral, the tofu was nice but i dont like the saito fish..

  19. sedappppp nyeeeer Claire... ^_^

  20. A new place to eat in ipoh! Very home-style kinda food too!

  21. RM75 only??? For 6 person wor....

    Lei Chung siong Dim? hehehhe

  22. Cath J: Sedapppp... hahhaa..

    Pureglutton: yes, u can see when u reach the roundabout, the place we met last time...

    Josephine: ngo seong pian tit tit ah.. hahhaa..

  23. These food look super yummy! I want some please.
    Thanks for visiting Clair. I hope you have a wonderul week ahead!
    God bless!

  24. coming fr Ipoh - enclave of good food, I'm sure you have higher expectations of food. I just had breakfast at sin yin loong 2 wks ago and now I find KL kopi yucks !

  25. The Yothers..glad u like to come by to see yummy food..

    Elaine: come again to IPOH more often then.. :)


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