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~~I am "BLOG BROKE"~~

No more paid reviews to do for the last.... err....let me recall.. maybe around 3 weeks. Since this blog of mine turned PR0, advertisers also stopped coming...My "business" season has dwindled down to almost NIL this month. That is why I said "blog broke" but thankful that I am not really broke since I still have an office to go to. :)

No more paid reviews means no more extra pocket money to enjoy spending. I remember the first time I received payment of $30, i made a huhuhaha. After that, it gradually increased and I said to myself, "if one month I can earn $150 monthly, i m very satisfied." :)

Well, with the "extra income", it is a extra blessing... Without, it is also a blessing, now I can still blog leisurely without feeling pressured to finish within a target time and date. But I cannot deny that it is also very thrilling to write paid posts and feeling the money increasing each day ... :)

Though nowadays "empty", I still feel the "fulfillment" whenever I do a post and published it in my blog, the feeling of "contentment" too when you, my fellow bloggers come by to read and comment.

Money or No Money, it is still Blissful Blogging for me! How about U?


  1. me first to comment...

    just always remember that even if it is a paid post or not, i will always read ur post...though sometimes i couldnt give my comment but rest assure that i always visit ur "home"...

    take care:-)

  2. Veta: *handshake* thanks.. same with me too..i will visit u too ..

  3. I don;t get a sen from my I do not have such worries! Just blog for fun, and when I get tired of it one day, I will just close shop...bye bye!

  4. me too, me too. in a way i thank God there is not much paid post coz i dun hv much online time as b4.

    btw, it is not easy to get paid post or tla now coz advertiser r very picky; they want niche blog with pr n lots of relevant backlinks.

  5. STP, hope u wont close shop even when u r tired.. perhaps take a good holiday and come back and tell us about it.. so.. when r u going to Penang to jalan jalan cari makan with eugene?

  6. nanay means mother Miss Ckaire:-)

  7. Miche: yes, i heard it is difficult nowadays.. do when we have, enjoy what we love... am i making sense? :)

    Veta : now i know.. :)

  8. You know i always like this verse from the Bible. "Good things shall come to those who wait" so big sister keep waiting,,,

    but seriously i dont know why your PR is 0, i not so famous as your are got 3 already,as promise i am here to fend for your dues,,,,,

    i am sure with your tenacity and your psssion towards blogging, you shall be a Blogbuster akin Blockbuster one day.

    take care now,,,,there is anything i want to do,,, when i can be your first commentor lah?

  9. Eugene... my pr dropped cos i did too many paid posts.. Mr. G doesnt like paid posts, u didnt do at all, so he likes u.. hey, i m not joking, it works that for mine, i will just keep on blogging, with or without page ranking. If got showers of blessings, it is a bonus, that is all.. hehee.. need blockbuster blogs la.. mine is chee mar lok tau only.. those making lots of money will laugh at mine.. :)

  10. How come your PR turned 0? I thought you very active??

  11. Merryn, all i know is once i do paid posts in my blog, MR G will sort of "blacklist" it .. i dont know when they will rank again.. so far, few months already, no more ranking..

    Richard, apa banyak duit? :)

  12. That is the downside of taking paid post. I try not to get involve in those thing to maintain my PR, which I think is important to get traffic

  13. Paid or not, I will blog.. it is the contentment to have readers and to know you're sharing your happiness, sadness, anger, or any other information to the friends in cyber world.

    Of course to get money out of blogging is good, but the most important is the feeling that we feel. :)

  14. My Blog also PR 0..but i still have ops to do la..but it's me who is lazy to do any paid post..ehehehe
    I miss the time that i can do 5 paid in a day..When get the payment..can enjoy shopping online mah..hehehehehe

  15. BF, if not doing paid posts, with pr or no pr also doesnt matter, just blog to our heart's content.. :)

    Ladyviral, u r very right! just do what our hearts' desire.. no pressure, just pleasure...

    Kadusmama: so u still hv opps to do, good de.. me Tak Ada langsung in this blog nowadays..

  16. I blog so that I can read when I get older...

  17. you still have your 2 other blogs :D

  18. Will be in Penang 20th - 29th. Coming over to visit your son anytime?

  19. claire, PPP is really for those who got PR , but if you have 0 rank in PR there is another way

    Try to check if your RR REAL RANK by Social Spark is really working. If you have lower like below 1,500 RR, you still can get more opps even your PR is zero.

    You know very well that my PR is zero right? But, my RR is okay . I need to get back to 800.

    Just check your rank in okay? Goodluck Claire.

    try too

  20. Josephine..yeah, good suggestion, reading my blog can refresh my memory then... :)

    Barb, one of the 2 blogs has gone down to 0 too, leaving one new blog which has 2 lately.. :)

    STP, wrong timing la.. hahahaha.. he is back today for 2 weeks, college hols but will go back to pg on the 29th.. the day u r leaving, i suppose?

    Amy, RR is 1400 something.. but SS opps. nowadays are mostly for US residents.. :) thanks for yr info, anyway...

  21. Claire, tak pak la, jz assume u r on leave from "Blog-to-earn" saja la. and take more rest for the time being cos no need to crack head thinking of any story to write huh! hehe

  22. AMY: so good advice! no need to invent stories, u mean..hahaa.. but if long time no invention, the mind will go rusty leh.. i think susah nak dapat juga.. it was really fun actually.. thinking back, it is real FUN~~esp when the dough coming in.. :)

  23. or no money also i will blog ler....

    how come u can be blog broke? i think out there...they are many way to earn thru blogging...

  24. Via: blog broke means no more money coming in via doing reviews.. u mentioned many ways to earn thru blogging.. what other methods? boleh ajar?

  25. ha ha ha, i've been approached to do reviews specially by restaurants because i write AND i take my own pictures, but so far i haven't really given it serious thought and i don't know how to ask them to pay me for it. so how did you start? maybe one day i'll think about it seriously. ha ha ha

  26. have you tried signing up for

  27. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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