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Blog Craze!

Before I continue on, I just wanna say that my Girl has recovered from her fever, cough, cold, sore throat... thank God.. I am much relieved now, can sleep better tonight! And not forgetting, A BIG THANK YOU to all your kind wishes and comfort words from all of you. God Bless U All!

(ok, now boleh bermula dengan ni)

Eugene, Eugene... he is a very popular guy now... Bold-Talk is his bloggie name, he talks boldly and straight-on in his blog. Unique in his own way, he blogs without fear nor favor, wanna know him more, hop over to his blog.

After knowing him, he gives u homework to but of course, it is up to u whether u want to or not. Well, I am doing his home-word now, these are the questions posted in his blog, see... he has made an effort to think of questions to ask us, how can we not

Ok, here goes my answers....

1)How did you start blogging, what was your one driving factor?
Oh, I started to blog after watching "Heart Of Greed" bec the heroine of the show blogged a lot, his boyfren too, he blogged about how he felt daily without her for 800 over days... how romantic! I wonder whether in actual life, got such man or not...

2)What was your happiest blogging experience?
Another OH, happiest? Cannot recall when and what... but when there are comments from all of u, I will feel very happy... that is good enough.. i m easily pleased... :)

3)What was your most frustrating blogging experience?
Not being able to blog for one day..that is frustrating, I suppose.. lol...

4)Have you made any good friends out of your blogging friends who were previously not your friends?
So far, I have met one only blogger only.. hope to meet more soon!

5)What was the rudest comment you ever received?
Don't want to remember... better not to recall...

6)Have you thought of giving up blogging?
Are u joking, Eugene? :) It will be a nightmare for me....

7)Do you consider yourself a blog junkie?
Eat blog, think blog, sleep blog.... considered junkie or not?

8)What is just one thing pleasant you wish could happen to your blog?
PR 10/10... greedy pig! (who? who? *head turning left right*)

9)If i say blogging is more about passion rather than commission($$$$),do you agree?
I would love to blog personal and same time, I would also love to earn some $ too , a sort of extra allowance where I can spend comfortably with my kids without feeling a pinch called *OUCH*!

10)Please reconmmend to us 2 bloggers' blog which you feel that we should not miss..
2 bloggers are not enough, I have many bloggers' here who u all should not miss... just look into my blogroll, they are all yours!

So Eugene, how many marks can u give me? I wanna go Penang to claim "makan" from u lah!
(For those who wants to know Eugene, just look into Bold-Talk in my blogroll, he is the one setting this questionaire )


  1. hahaha macam ni pun boleh... hahaha

  2. what is Heart of greed blog??
    from the answer, i can feel that you are really like blogging until eat blog, think blog and sleep blog hahaha

    answer very good... give you 99% mark hahahaha

    but if you want come to KL ask me belanja you eat... NO PROBLEMS!

  3. CH Voon: I love your last paragraph, will save it in my hp... hahaa...
    ok to answer your question, Heart of Greed is a chinese HK series..a famous one..about the rich family selling abalones, u know? dont know? never mind.. as long as i answered eugene's questionaire..hahaa....

  4. reanaclaire: mmm i dont know :) i seldom watch drama one hehehe

    no problem... i keep my promise~! just remember me only ok for my last paragraph...

  5. wah.. you so fast de.. no need to jaga anak meh? wait wait.. me will do this weekend... muahaha.. now do ping pei mooncake first..

  6. Hi Claire – you’re really fast and ur answers are so good! If I am Eugene, I will give u distinction. Btw, if u come to Pg to “claim makan” from Eugene, remember to ask him to bring u to the restaurant that I dine before located at Lone Pane country club there. He is orang sana lah tu! Haha……… (Look back my below link to recall you memory if u have forgotten what restaurant was that!).

    To Eugene – prepare siap2 ur pocket…jz joking saja yah my fren. Oh yah Eugene, if you happen to read this comment, jz to let u knw, I have another blog with the name of Time After Time. Feel free to visit me there too! And also do leave me some comments; that are the most happiest thing for me in blogging (indirectly to answer ur Q too) …

  7. i know claire is a hardcore blogger when i see she update 2-3 times daily, thats really an effort lah, keep it up!
    its hard for me to update even once a week, lol

  8. cynthia, better do fast fast, jika tak, guru marah la! :))

    Amy, i get your hint.. if i go to pg, i must ajak u sekali... cannot leave u out one.. sure, i can remember the restaurant.. with shark fins and all..

    eh, Eugene, dont hide from us then, OK?

    My Reality: not so hard core la.. if u see my archive, this is only my 10th post till today.. not as crazy as i sound to be, right? a bit only la.. lol...

  9. Thank you for being such a sport,Claire.

    Your reward shall be 1)i wil visit you daily,once at least...

    2)i shall sure comment one

    3)i will click on your ads at least once a day

    4)i will do my utmost best to blow trumpet, saxaphone, trumbone about you and your eat blog,sleep blog,drink blog and dream blog

    5)i wil go and hantam those who leave nasty comments on your blog, dont play play i am educated Taiko

    6)I hereby will do my best to push your PR 10/10.

    7)I will make sure one day, you shall be a sexibility blogger ooops sorry celebrity blogger

    8)I will be like a ghost haunting you if you miss posting even for one day

    9)I will ascend you as my Sifu oops sorry again SiMo as far as blogging is concerned

    10)Lastly, from the bottom of my heart, from the cornerest of my mind, from the deepest of my throat and from the widest smile of my,,,, Claire i appreciate you as a good bloggie friend,,,,, GOD Bless and may the floodgates of blessing be upon you all the time, till it overflows,,then you pass the spare one for me... truly appreciata it...

    take care.

    just for the record, i want to make this comment the longest in your blogging history ,,,hahahahahahahahah

  10. Hi there!

    Glad to hear your little girl is all ok now... ;)

    Wow lookie lookie.. all the answers hahaha! Fun!

  11. *sniff..sniffff..wiping croc-tears*

    so truly touching, Eugene! tic for tac? may i post your reply to my post?

    what can i say after reading what u've said... so overwhelming.. like "Just call my name and I'll be there", not for any other purpose but to fight off blog thanks so much for being my "blog bodyguard."

    (eh, eugene, did u purposely not mentioned Amy's suggestion or do u agree to disagree?)

  12. Ladyviral, u can also answer those questions and then call upon eugene to "mark" them.. hahahaa...

  13. Got blog in your dream or not? hahaha.

  14. Good one!
    Reanaclaire, u also famous what...

    After u mention Eugene in your blog. he lagi famous now...

  15. Mumsgather: eh.. got la.. one time i dreamt of grabbing so many reviews.. so happy posting for money! hahaa....

    Josephine : this type of being famous doesnt bring in income.. we blog for pleasure not pressure.. hahaha...

  16. hi Claire..
    had u received my email tru gmail? I sent the "how to" on the banner/header u asked previously at my blog. if not, do mention so i can re-send them. take care and have a great day

  17. Oh i didnt rec anything from u, Cynthia.. can u send again to

    really appreciate it.. thanks a lot!

  18. hi.. just hopping over from eugene's blog. haha..
    i like your answer on this
    7)Do you consider yourself a blog junkie?
    Eat blog, think blog, sleep blog.... considered junkie or not?
    hahaha.. ya.. really junkie.. =P

  19. Wow! Didn't know you are such a blog addict! Join the gang, my friend! Haha! : )

  20. Your blogging inspired by Tseung Choi Sum from Heart Of Greed? I like that TVB series too! But I was a blogger before seeing that show. Haha!

  21. Hi Dolly..will hop over to u tonite.. office pc here a bit weird one.. it wont take me to yr blog eventhough i click on yr name here.. only IT fellas will understand, i guess..hahaa....

    Foongpc, so i m one of the addicts now? got welcome dinner or not?
    yes, from seong choi sum and alfred la.. they blogged day and night.. i was fascinated already!

  22. Good that your girl is now fine.
    Most of your post in you blogs gives inspiration to all your readers.
    through blogging you gained a lot of friends, that's why I am here because i am one of them.

    thanks for always leaving you comments on my blog.

  23. You start to blog after watching a show....luckily not bollywood show or else you will be dancing around coconut trees and rolling on the grass....instead of blogging, ha ha ha! LOL!

  24. Weng, blogging has indeed been a part of my life now.. at least i can rant and blog what i have gone thru over here and receiving advice and encouragement from all of u here.. i m indeed happy to know so many frens now.. this is the priority of blogging.. thanks for coming by, Weng and I will do my best for u too as well.. :)

    Pete, kush kush kotahei...
    no la..not so easily influenced la.. dancing is out.. stiff bones ma.. singing boleh sikit sikit.. :)
    but blogging is the best cos i have so many of u here doing the same thing too.. hahhaa.. no turning back now.. only setback is, i dont know how to create a template that suits my theme..

  25. I re-sent the email just now so maybe you also check your junk-mail later, just in case *smile*.

  26. Indeed u r right, elcynthia.. is there.. ok, i check it out..thanks for coming by again..

  27. oii...sis, your mood is up again. Must be the therapy of blogging...haha...Still need me to belanja Overseas?

  28. hey..why not...nothing to do with Overseas Restaurant.. but wait for bro weng too.. can belanja him as well or not?

  29. were not inspired by "lau char bor" in the Spore movie - Money is not enough? LOL!!!

  30. which one, STP? part 1 or 2? got blog blog meh? part 2 is the 3 sons and the old mother, right? part 1.. i cannot remember much.. nowadays very very short memory.. better to forget than to remember much.. lol..

  31. sure sure problem!!


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