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Why Of All Days. . . .

My girl is down with fever, cough, cold and sore throat... all in the viral clan. Took her to see on Sunday and today. Worrying but reassurance from both doctors that it is not our enemy, Hini, which is attacking her. Her fever comes on and off, after a few hours when the medicine wears off. Her temperature is between 37 - 38 degrees. (Eugene, same case as your son)...

And of all days, this week is her PMR trial exam.... and she insists on going to school. In fact her school headmistress has advised all the students to wear masks to school from this week onwards, to be on the safer side.

Just now my mum boiled 2 eggs, took out the yolk, put 2 old coins and wrapped them up with the egg white using a clean hankerchief. Then she "rolled" the handkerchief all over my girl's head, neck, shoulder, hands.... (chinese traditional way of bringing down the heat from one's body)

Well, lets see tonight... if she is still unwell, she has to skip her exams.... no choice about that... sigh...


  1. yalor nowaday a lot of people get sick... my daugter get sick too.

    but recover now...

    i think most of the problem of Haze,

    so far... 70% of my friends sick...

  2. hi Reanaclaire..!tks for dropping by & taps on my small seems there's not only 1 style of using the hard boiled for deheating,my old mum don't put/insert any coins into the egg yolk,but instead rolls(have to do it quite fast) the whole warm egg over the body.which ever ways is best,as long it works,eh?

  3. Omg....Hope she get well soon. God bless her.

  4. 2 points here: 1st, given the current circumstances, there's a 50:50 chance that any flu will be a H1N1;

    2nd, it really doesn't matter which flu it is, most recover without tamiflu, which itself isn't without serious side-effects. however, that doesn't obviate the need to see a doctor, who can decide whether there's also a bacterial infection, in which case, antibiotics may be required.

    other than that, it's fluids, rest & personal hygiene.

    hope all will be well!

  5. hope she will recover soon and do well in the PMR.

  6. Let's continue to commit her in prayer. hope she will recover soon. God bless.

  7. hope she rest well and not affect her exams... and mummy.. san fu lei lor.. boil some leong char please..

  8. Voon : u r right.. a few of my frens are also down with fever.. mostly teens...

    ah Ngao : anything also try as long as she feels better..

    sylee, thanks for yr wishes...

    doc : i dare not take her to GH, doc's advice, worse... just rest at home will be good enough..antibiotics..

    Chris : she insists on going to school.. see how she does.. it is ok, just trials only..

    Gab : yes, do commit her in prayer.. thanks, praise the Lord!

    Cynthia, she took barley only.. i didnt boil leong char yet.. what do u suggest?

  9. Hope your daughter get well soon. Her health should be placed on top priority, not the trial. drink more fluids

  10. Sheng: thanks, heard a lot of students infected but schools are not closing, it is pandemic already, so have to take care individually..

    My Reality: thanks for yr wishes..

  11. I didn't do anything! I swear it was my viral >.>;

    ok that was lame.. I wish your daughter get well soon. Have to drink more water. Her fever should be relieved by that.

  12. I mea I swear it isn't my viral.. hehe~ >.<

  13. My nephew age 5 also fever 38.4.

  14. did ur mom check the egg yolk after that?
    If the egg yolk appear to be 'bintik-bintik', then ur girl is "chut ma"...

    I donno lah, this is what my mom told me...

    Pls buy some coconut juice for her... can bring down her body heat too...

  15. oh no. poor girl. hope she gets well soon.

  16. Wa Wa, may be flu can now be blogger cyber space borne, you daughter kena sunday, my son too, and sampai sekarang masih skip school,, went to see doc,,,, rest and drink drink drink..

    ya ,, take care,,,, we will never know when will this H1N1 dissappear.....hahahahah

  17. ladyviral, perhaps i send her to u for healing... viral vs viral.. :)

    Amy, heard a lot of ppl get sick nowadays.. we better take more precaution .. hope he gets well soon.. this virus is making us worried sick..

    Josephine..didnt use yolk.. only egg white..and if the coin turns yellowish, means a lot of heat.. my mum did 2 times.. 2nd time not so golden in colour, meant to absort heat out.... not sure how it works but feel more comfortable after doing it..traditional method..
    thanks for reminding me about coconut water, but will it be good for her cough?

    Barb, yea.. u take care too...

  18. eugene, doc said not HINI.. cos hini very high fever one.. another different kind of virus but of course, must take precaution.. school not uncontrollable, they wont close the is up to the students whether they want to go school or not.. sigh.. i think it is overblown already.. cannot be helped... just now josephine mentioned cocount water..perhaps it is good to bring down the heat..

  19. so srry to hear that..furthermore ur lui-lui having wishes to her.

  20. My little toddler also down with fever. Slept at 5am this morning....night shift taking care of him......sleepy now.....!

  21. Rachel: thanks, sometimes life is such..

    Pete : yr toddler too? i can imagine the woes when my kids were small.. having fever is very worrying..anyway, hope he recovers soonest..

  22. i hope ur daughter will recover take care of urself nicely too....know how u feel when u know ur kids are not feeling well.

  23. Hope your daughter recover soon...

  24. Via, terima kasih .. yes, as parents, they r our responsibility and we do what we can for them.. she is better, just now i went home to see her..

    TZ, thanks... how r u? i heard yr college was closed for a week.. i guess now they dont need to close anymore..everywhere seems to be affected...

  25. I hope your girl speedy recovery so that she can attend her PMR. Oh, I heard that method of "cooling down" too, according to my friend, it is very effective.

  26. hope your girl can recover soon.. =)

  27. hey claire...hope ur daughter will get well ASAP & will be able to sit for her exam...

  28. You don't take out the yolk... Just remove the shell...put a silver ring in the egg and put the egg in a handkerchief and rub the body. After some time, will start sweating.... Take out the silver ring, it would have turned black...

  29. Serene, she did look fresher after my mum had done it.. during the night, not so feverish too.. i guess it works, huh!

    Dolly: she looked more energetic when i went home for lunch...thanks

    Miss Mathew : she said she was still blur blur.. after so much medication, sure will be like.. "floating"..

    STP, really no need to take out yolk? not sure.. my mum did all along..she put the old old coin inside the egg white and covered it up again.. perhaps tonite i do it again, this time with the yolks intact...

  30. So much bad news, no gd news at all. Sigh... I hope your girl is better today, Claire...

  31. hi Cleffairy..i m home now.. my girl is better thank u.. hopefully virus has gone for good.. u too take care..

  32. my mum is still using that traditional way to cure fever as your mum did. It works at time.

  33. Hi Claire

    Well, beware of the H1N1 la. Although the govt tries hard to convince ppl that things are under control, but they're actually peeing in their pants now. The number of deaths are rising (how many now?) so stay indoors and avoid public places like pasar malam. If you really need to, then wear a mask all the time.

    By the way, not sure what the heck credit means, but I the credit would be converted to cash later; IM Report Card is interesting site. It really tells you people's experiences so you know whether the sites are scams or not.

  34. thanks Kev for the tips..yeah, better to stay indoors.. it is the best advice esp for youngters...

    I will check into the IM report card.. so many websites that i dont know about...

  35. If someone in our family get sick, we always are worried.
    you are a great mom to you children claire.
    they are all lucky that you are the mother of them.

  36. hey Weng.. im sure u r too.. it is a natural act of a mom.. thanks for coming by..


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