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In Our Own World ...

*tok...tok.....tok....tokkkkk.....* the knocking got louder and I have to force myself to get up and opened my bedroom door. Andy came in and went to my bedroom toilet, I jumped back to sleep. I think it was around 8am...

*dring..dring....dring...drinnggggg* phone call ringing and ringing...haiyah.... got up again to answer the phone near the bed. A familiar lady voice saying "wei, not yet wake up ah? wanna go breakfast?" With a sleepy voice, "what time now? nine only ah? ok, we go at 10... i wanna sleep somemore." then i dozed back to sleep... a restless nap, i can call it...where got mood to sleep back, after 2 interruptions...

Took breakfast with her, took my bro to see doctor, washed my dog and porch and .......

Relaxing in front of TV watching the Live Macau Badminton Open and typing this at the same time...

My girl? She has her own world... watching her romantic Korean shows on youtube... (cannot disturb her one, she is totally engrossed....)

Both of us r enjoying what we r doing....

Same roof but in our own different worlds...


  1. he ha, i am the first commentor in your blog after about one and half years that i have known you bloggerly,,hahhaahahah.......

    i cant comment about this post of yours,, i am just too excited being the first commentor here,,hahahahahah

    you just cannot understand my excitement,,,'

    i have to go out quick before someone comments here,bye and chao

  2. do u want a prize? come get it in IPOH ...hahaaaa... hey, i see nowadays u r getting more and more popular leh.. so many lady bloggers at yr blog ... :))

  3. Hehehheheh.... it's better to have different world.. imagine everyone have the same interest and the same thing to do... I think ada show tarik rambut, berebut on 1 stuff... ;-p

  4. CathJ, smart girl! i never tot of that..but then she n i have one same interest, ie. Surfing! so i need 2 pcs in the house, no fighting no quarreling over the computer.. lol.

  5. one day, ethan and i will be living under the same roof with our own world too.. rite now? he is living with his own world and i am force to be in that world! haih...

  6. Always happen to my family too... living in a different 'world' tough in a same roof hehehee

  7. i dont have that in my family. i dont have my own world. the kids are constantly bugging me. everytime, everywhere...hehe..i love it, but at times i dream of having my own world lah...huhu...but when i'm away from them, i cant stop thinking of them. maybe when they grow older, they would want their own space and by that time, i would have my own world. But, that is still a loooong way to go. i better enjoy them now right?

  8. Merryn, u better live in his world, feel like him, act like a kid.. then only u feel younger.. hahaha...

    C.Alv..u must join in their world at times.. cannot be isolating them all the time..hahaa.... be older for a change..

    Tiee, kids grow up very fast..we get old slower.. so each year u can see their different in the way they no time, they want their privacy..but not to worry, u can always msn to them even though under the same roof..(my son and i msn to each other at times.. diff. rooms ma...hahaha..)

  9. That's goood to have own activities and staying in the same roof.

  10. It's good to hv some personal time apart from each other. How I wish my kids can stay in their own world for a longer period of time. Dun kacau me all the time. :)

  11. Give them room to breathe, people are supposed to be different - but there should be some areas for bonding through sharing some interests and concerns... You brought them up so they must be in some ways, just like you. Cherish and enjoy those moments...before they grow further...and further...and further away from you.

  12. everyone needs his/her own space. good to be on our own at times.

  13. Mery: When they reach a certain phase of life, naturally, they have their own space..yes...

    Slavemum: If kids push u away at this stage, then there must be something serious going on..hahhaa... this is the best time of bonding between parents and children...

    STP: yes, we r at this stage now, our kids spending time on their own and comes back on and off... once they reach 18, it is a different life altogether...

    Wenn, correct.. that is why sometimes i go for trips on my own..without kids.. just me and frens.. :)

  14. hehe, what a nice world your living :)
    But the good thing your not alone and you are enjoying your company with your kids.But sometimes they need some space too for themselves.
    You brought them up so good.

  15. Weng, yes..i m not alone yet.. hahhaa.. in a couple of years, perhaps.. when they leave home for their further studies, then it will be more quiet.. so lets appreciate the time now with our kids..

  16. you see when the kids grow up .after they completed their education, they start to worked , and later start to have boy friends / girlfriends . Later they will get married and settle down on their own . that life.then sure they will move out and lived on their own.

  17. Bugs: that is facts of life .. it is a cycle of life.. so now when they are still with us under one roof, we need to bond closer to them .. but of course, must leave them with some privacy at times.. :)

  18. Bugs: that is facts of life .. it is a cycle of life.. so now when they are still with us under one roof, we need to bond closer to them .. but of course, must leave them with some privacy at times.. :)

  19. Everyone have that.. I got a different world form my family... I game ya see, so eventually I spend most of my time gaming. My brother, he games as well and randomly goes down to talk to my mom about the show on tv that my mom is watching. So In every house, there is a different world in everyone :P.

  20. Ladyviral: yes, a room of privacy to ourselves at times and the get together is normally at meal times.. right? :)

  21. Hahaa! Well, my family meal times are not eaten together either. Unless in the weekends when we go out and eat :P. Usually in the weekdays, my mom would of eaten before we got home and my brother always reaches home very late.

    Best get together - Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner. :P

  22. yes, me too like u last time..who comes first, eat first...
    nowadays only me and girl around so most days we eat together.. outside.. hahaha.. seldom eat at home unless my sons are back...


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