Sunday, September 13, 2009

Am I A Millionaire Or Am I NOT?

EVerybody, hear hear!!!! I have become a millionaire overnight ... that was when I received this email again and again from this Toyota cos I did not respond to them earlier....

I won sterling 750,000.00.. meaning (using mental calculation) er.... around.. RM4 MILLION!
quick quick... congratulate me.. hahhaa...
but wait.... when did i ever join in any Toyota Company competition??

So.... tell me... did I win or did I not? Anyone has this email before? The prize money is too good to be true.... should I ignore or should I be greedy and end up losing my hard saved money??? Please tell me....

Dear Lucky Winner,

Congratulations on emerging as one of our award winners. Toyota Award Company offers awards to Lucky owners of selected emails that came out in our Random Draws. You have therefore been approved to go ahead and claim your funds which amounts to £750,000.00 (Seven Hundred And Fifty Thousand Great British Pounds Sterling).

To get your funds to you, we have processed your claims and the winning amount has been transfered to our payment bank for immediate transfer to your account or delivered to your house address.

Do contact our payment bank responsible for the transfer of your funds to you. Contact them with this information given below.

Contact Person: MR MATHEW JONES
Direct Tel: +44 703 597 0591
Email :

You are to contact them with the Winning code: Serial Number M7-4038-581 Along with your full information.

(7) SEX

Thank you and once again, Congratulations!!!

Bryan Steve

(Betul ke ni??)


  1. Hope you ignored that! We've been warned about these scams again and again...and yet everytime there are people falling for it! I wonder why...

  2. Aeiween: nice? haha.. probably...

    STP: greediness ma... greediness in people.. as chinese saying goes "where got frogs jump along the streets?" impossible.. sigh..i will ponder for a moment, what to do with this 4 Million? zzzzzzz..

  3. 4M only ah? too little lah, just ignore it. wait for around 10M first.

  4. hahaha... yeah, yeah.. 10M is more like it right?

  5. can...its very possible.go buy sportstoto Rm1 only and you'll be a genuine Millionaire..

  6. I won't many also. I won one two days fact, I was told that the money has been courier to me! Just sit back and wait but there is a catch! I need topay the insurance money leh! Hahaha... nice thought!

  7. Ah Ngao: sounds so easy.. ok, better that than this toyota award, hor?

    Wenn : actually i received a lot but this one the latest from toyota.. cos i m using toyota too.. i wonder.. i wonder...

    William: Ok, in that case, i also sit back..hahaa.. and start dreaming!

  8. A definite no-no. I've been receiving these e-mails since i- can't-remember-when and the amount and storyline only seems to get more n more "entertaining" like inheritance, money-can't-get-out-of-country and oso something like urs.

  9. if betul, can I be your god daughter claire???? lol.... i'll jaga u until old age.. hahahahha

  10. Simple Jenn: yes..i rec the inheritance one many times too..but this one came from toyota is something new.. hehehe..

    Merryn: sure..if i really have 4M.. i give u some... ok? give ethan also some... wah.. shiok.. 4 Million wor.. i cannot finish it la.. let u and my kids finish it la..hahaha...

  11. how much did they ask u to deposit into their bank account first? hahaha ...

  12. there must be a change in tactics because i normally receive these emails from a certain african country. but then, what's the difference - greed transcends all barriers!!

  13. I hope you ignore that email claire. I usually received an email telling i won something but the funny thing how could that be that i was not joining anything haha.they were only trying to cheat people.Once you contact them, they will ask you some money to pay something before you could claim your prize hehe.
    But anyway, i still congratulate you..and I know you are always smart.
    Happy sunday claire!

  14. hmmm... i got this same format but different company... mine is from Microsoft. I just posted an entry about this one month back... am i a millionaire... hahahaha what a jokes :p

  15. Chris: want to join venture? bank in money? i wonder how much they want me to bank in.. tot of replying them... hhhaaa..

    doc: yes, rec many emails, attracting people with their millions.. i wonder why they still use this method since a lot of us know it is scam already...

    Weng, thanks for compliment but if u read my posts, i can be very silly at times.. not smart thinking too.. hahhaa...

    TZ: hope one day we be millionaire, huh... u microsoft, me toyota.. :)

  16. The good life is inspired by love and guided by knowledge! Have a good week ahead!

  17. Don't even reply to that e-mail! It's a scam. If they got your e-mail through legal methods then they should know who you are. Why should they address you as "Dear Lucky Winner" anyway? Your name is not "Lucky Winner", therefore it's not addressed to you. =D

    And as I said, if they got your e-mail address by legal means, then they would know who you are. Thus, if they are genuine in giving you the money, they could just send you a cheque straightaway! Why bother to ask for your details?

    It's a hoax, aunty...

  18. Gorgeous Mum: u have a great week ahead too!

    Henry: thanks for your concern.. yes, aunty knows it is a scam.. been receiving plenty of that but first time from toyota.. as u said, they should know my particulars, esp my phone number, my data is all in toyota.. :)

  19. Honestly, i dont knw whether ths is true or not, bcs I never replied to any of my so-called winning emails by so many companies :) hehe!sure tipu punya, thrz never easy money in ths world hor...but, ths Bryan Steve had once emailed me the same as yours :)

  20. Miss Mathew..must be same .. they use nicknames anyway..

    Eugene: yes, bro.. will ignore.. dont fall into temptation and greed.. :)

  21. i wonder why do they like to do such thing. make us happy but not exactly real.

    ps i'm a f5 student in mc. your dotta in f3?

  22. Ken : i know..yes..fake and farce..

    SJ : yes, form 3.. u know her?

  23. Yeah Claire. I always "moong siong" for a few minutes what I will do when I receive such mails. Always sweeten my day. BUt only for a few minutes lah. Then poof....back to reality lo.

  24. I'm sure you are very aware it is a scam right? LOL :D I have received like tonnes of it too....and I am still broke. Ha :D

  25. CY: nice to ponder over it hor? then suddenly as u said, balloon POOF!!! and u hear a voice "GET BACK TO WORK, DIMMIT!!" hahaha...

    Tekkaus: yes, very much aware.. but love to dream about it.. zzzzz..

  26. this is a very fake scam ler....another i kena is job opportunity...they offer good salary from an unknown company in Spain,...

  27. Ha ha ha, Citi bank using hotmail. No money after financial crisis to have own domain! ha ha ha!

  28. haih, some ppl are just too free, scam emails like tis. benci.

  29. Via: anything also got la.. in scam emails.. i wonder what their catchy is..

    Pete: i dont understand why some ppl banked in some money to them .. dont they suspect anything?

    Irene: yah.. they r just trying their luck ..

  30. Ignore that e-mail,Claire!!It's a scam for sure!!There are so many creeps out there who wants to steal your billions!!\(^0^)/

  31. Ladyviral: there r all sorts of people and cons.. :)

    Clarissa: yes, mam, i m ignoring it and frankly speaking, i dont hv billions to take from.. hahahaa...

  32. HAHA.. got the same email here...
    just replied that they just transfer 50000 to my paypal... rest they can take as a tip... :P


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