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SuperImposing A Dream

Before u read on, this post is mainly for jest... pictures are edited gravely... faces super-imposed by the author.... If your face looks like this, please don't take it at heart.... OK START...

"Vanity Galore... Itchy Hands.... leads to doing something Crazy!"

And what did I do.... just some clicking and image editing...
Me Claire always inspired to be a singer, actress, model......
(ooooi...please don't puke yet...... that was only a dream and it was decades ago!)

Well, cannot get to Hollywood or Bollywood...

Who knows hor... Media Corp ke, Asia TV ke... TVB ke.. might stumbled by one day and .. and.... and.... the story of my life will be very much different then.... zzzzzzzzzzz

(ok, now u can puke... )

play-play super-impose

does thislook suit an animation movie?
NO !!

how about a model???

how about in exhibitions?
with one condition....
must hang it super high!





(OK, SHOWTIME OVER... any tips-see??)


  1. That's you? Wah, pretty mama with 2 handsome sons!

  2. alamak...just when I had a great tea break and then I read your blog.... need some chinese tea for digestion already..hahaha...

  3. Eh? Where u get the 'makeover', Claire? I wanna do too!

  4. nice photos...and great post. made my day.. LOL~~

  5. LMAO!!!....Very nice...still got harapan to make it into show biz!!!

  6. Aiya, don't have the ones wearing tight tiny t'shirts showing pierced belly button leh.....will look more like Britney Spears....this one is Reanaspears! he he he.....
    As I was scrolling down, enjoying and mesmerised by all the leng lui pictures, suddenly see Mr. Bean one, really scared me loh! LOL!

  7. WOW~ Claire~ NICE! You look pretty amazing and pretty! Must take your photo more often~ because you just look great! I will give you a reward as PRETTY MOMMY! ;)

  8. incredibly gorgeous! Nice makeover do. two thumbs up!

  9. wow... they are so real! Don't let your dream die!

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. The Mr. Bean looks real GOOD! lol... was laughing until william tanya apasat??? hahahhahaha... cool claire.. nice pics! i like the olympus punya! hahahaha..

  12. phewwwwwwit, leng lui.... when free ah? hehehehe... lenglui oh!

  13. Health Freak Mommy: it was edited.. and that time i was younger too :)

    ChrisAu: i purposely put up those for u to diet..hahaha...

    eycynthia: good i make your day.. :)

    wenn: thanks for coming by...

    Rachel: thanks..

    ah Ngao : he knows..hahaa...

    STP: wanna bet on that?? RM100 i wont be able to..

    U.Greg : terima kasih atas compliment mu..

    Pete : i take that as a compliment, britney spears is very plump nowadays.. me too.. that pic shown is an old pic.. hahaa.. got u, right?

    Aeiween: dont be misled.. old pic la.. hahaha...

    tiee: thank u.. editing did the job.. they minus all the wrinkles..

    William: i can still dream on, right?

    Merryn : Yes, i love bean too ..hehee .. he is so cute.. hor?

  14. Irene: come come..anytime free.. but make sure u wont pengsan when u see me now.. all wrinkled up already :)

  15. dreams are good if they can spur you to do better! sons look like your hubby, ah??

  16. Great one Claire...then suddenlt terkeluar Mr. Bean! LOL :D

  17. Doc: dreams are meant to be achieved.. but i guess mine is too late.. hahhaa.. just joking.. my sons? yeah i suppose..

    Tekkaus: haha.. i love mr bean..

  18. Looking at the super white teeth, Colgate should have gotten you to advertise for them. Ya...let the dreams live on.

  19. Wow..thats very nice. How you do that?.. I wanna try to..makeover..feel like a model.. hehee

  20. Ha, you remind of one Filipino Hong Kong acteress,,, something cant remember here name,, back in the 80s one...... do not the fat one with the husky voice, the other one,,,, what her name la?

  21. Mauve: not me.. the editing did trick la.. hahaa.. in real world, im wrinkled..

    William: i have tot of that actually :) hahaha.a..

    C.Alv.B: u can go photoshop to edit.. and the website to play with.. aiyah..i forgot the website name.. i let u know when i go home..ok.. :)

    eugene: i think i know.. other than the fat famous one.. the other person is theresa carpio? hehehe..

  22. Wahseh... very pretty wor... how to believe you have 2 big sons already?!?!

  23. Oooh. This is fun. I oso wanna do. Hehe.

  24. BoeyJoey, all tricks one.. i dont look like that.. can play with it till u r satisfied with yr own pic.. modification.. haha...

    Mumsgather, i cannot remember the website here in office.. let me go home first then i tell u.. ok..

  25. Hahaha! this is good! I like the model one! Look so gorgeous!

  26. Awww!!I love you,Claire!!You just posted my dream lover lol!!You're H-O-T to be a model in a magazine,Claire!!Nice one!!^_^

    re:Obon is a Festival of Souls, an All Souls Day.

  27. Ladyviral: As i said, all computer tricks.. if anyone were to do on their pics, it will be as great or greater.. haha.. nice to have fun with that, though...

    Clarissa: tonite i will post in the website then all ladies here can have fun playing with that..
    hey, didnt know u r mr bean's secret admirer..

  28. Claire, you look so good and cool!

  29. thank u Annie Q, wanna go for makan? :P

  30. I like the magazine front page photo... really makes you look like a glamorous celebrity la. What a difference from the previous blogs. Change the background a bit, and you'd see a much better site :)

  31. kev, now only u notice ah? hahhaa.. last blogger to comment .. but thanks for coming anyway, my pleasure to see u here..

  32. woooo....wowoww...hahaha....What a pretty model, she will be in hollywood....Good Job Claire! Hahaha. That is soooo Cool. The coolest ever. I love your pictures Claire. You belong in the center stage! Sooo beautiful, i am big fan.

  33. Amy..dont be so wowwowow.. camera trick all of this..i dont look like this in real life.. u be shocked to see me.. hahaa...anyway, thanks for making me happy.. haha..


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