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Are You Leaving Me, Mr. G?

It was during this Merdeka morning that I realized Mr. G has left me cold, leaving me empty, as I sat facing my computer in the hotel room... We had known each other since January 2008 and been together since.... even for days we are not together, my heart is always longing for Mr. G...

Now I will be singing, "When Will I See You Again........"

Now the reality :-
It was in this room when I switched on my computer early early that morning to check my emails. Saw Mr. G's email, saying that my account was disabled due to significant risk to advertisers.... don't ask me why, I am still scratching my head....

(still blur blur about what I mean?, read on....... )

The morning we were due to go back to IPOH, I realized Mr. G has disappeared from my blog, for good or not, I am not sure but I have appealed Mr. G to come back to me....So ... those with Mr. G in their blogs, just be more cautious, don't end up like me... Mr. G is out of my life now... Oh... sorry, I mean, MY BLOG.... gosh!!


  1. haha.. MR G left you ah? OK OK.. I come comfort you... I maybe down to Ipoh this weekend!!! finally... once confirm I let you know ah... :)

  2. Ok u bring Mr. G for me ah? goodie good.. i see u then...

    Gab: Mr. G la.. ..hahhaa.. now u know.. i tot i told u last weekend?

  3. yea, i thought is some guy ma...hahhaa..cause Mr G. sound like Mr Gilbert or

  4. yea, i thought is some guy ma...hahhaa..cause Mr G. sound like Mr Gilbert or

  5. i think i'm right about Mr.G. and im not sure if we're talking about the same Mr. G, but I'm also begging Mr.G to come back, i need him more now.. all my opportunities were gone.. I need him so.. :D

  6. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.. Mr. G, can't you see how much claire has been longing for you? Why do you leave Mr. G??? G.. come back.. come back..

    Gosh claire, I got so scared that nite, I dreamt of my G too! gee..

  7. Gab: cannot mention names one.. so must use it politely as Mr. G... sensitive issue... i wonder whether it affects the ranking or not.. but yrs still 2 hor?

    Nuts: yes, we r talking of the same Mr. G.. but my ads all gone with the wind.. not only PR but Ads too la....

    Merryn: when will i see him again??? :) love sick la..

  8. everybody put your hands in the air, and start praying for Mr G to come back to Claire.

    Claire is a nice lady, caring for you and me, but now it seems she is in much quandary, since Mr G left her blog empty.

    What can we do, cos we are at Mr G's mercy. We want traffic, we want page rank but he just wont give it to you and me.

    So sometime we do something silly, and that makes Mr G so unhappy.

    If you can hear me, I want you to come back Mr G, to my friend Claire who is now so lonely..

    Please try to understand our misery, we are trying to make some penny,so dont penalise us for you are not that guilty.

  9. at first, i was blur blur..oic, don't will be back..

  10. hmmm...i'm not a new kid on the blog but hor, i still dunno who is Mr. G :P

  11. Gosh...i'm so IT illiterate. I think i know what it is but i dont know that it is used for anything except for advertising purposes?

  12. Eugene..u r so kind.. and such a musical guy too.. a talent for poems as well.. but i m not lonely ler.. i have wonderful bloggers like u all.. hahaha...

    wenn, i m sure Mr G will know what to do..i will just wait..

    lisa, i tell u secretly later.. pst..pst...

    tiee: yes.. but without it, it is like semi naked..hahaa...

  13. never mind....look for other income..

  14. once u stop blogging for $$$ then u can beg mr. G t return to you. if not, dun waste time. i gave up d.

  15. "hi there just droppin by..thought you would like to join me with link from blog...true with every blog you have and referral they'll give you money..."

  16. Mr. G is gmail?

    hehehe how are you?

  17. Chrisau: yeah, other alternative.. go for wordpress..

    Miche: i mean the advertisements, not the ranking.. ranking sure 0rized already...

    MeRy: haha.. no guy.. just cannot disclose name...

    Grace: i think about it...

    Voon: no.. gmail.. i tell u in yr blog later.. :)

  18. claire, i still donno who is Mr G, please enlighten me

  19. Dunno Mr mine is not a money-spinning blog. Hehehehehehe!

  20. oh noooo!! So sorry Mr.G left you already..
    maybe you can appeal to get him back into your blog?

  21. Kadusmama: yes, left but i have appealed.. only now no more ads to show in my blog...

    STP, it doesnt spin much but funny that it is missing now, after all, it has been here since i started this blog.. i m sentimental ma.. ahem....

    Ladyviral, i tell u later..

    My Reality: u too, i tell u later.. :)

  22. claire, i'm having the flu today.. nose oso become raindeer ody.. haih...

  23. i dont know what is Mr G? is it your Google ad-sense that u lost an income??

  24. hopefully, Mr G will give in to your appeal and brighten up your day / blog again, Claire...

  25. Mr. G left me long time ago. He said the same things. Never mind lah...not that i'm making millions :D

  26. Merryn: maybe u ate too much "cili padi" la... *wink* anyway, drink more fruit juices if possible.. blend them and minum habisnya, ok?take care..

    Rachel, yes.. ia akan hilang bila-bila masa saja... if they suspek something tak betul...

    Mama Mia: I appealed.. now just wait and see

    Barb: u too? but u hv yr own domain, i think i gonna get one soon...

  27. lalalalala... I am the most stupid human on earth now.. WHAT IS THAT MR G??? o.O

  28. Use mr ab, accumulate faster leh!

  29. Lemme guess. I think I know which Mr G u r talking about, claire. What is it that u have done that he left u? U know sometimes he very siew hei one. Hehe. :)

  30. Cath J.. i tell u later..hahha...

    Pete: what is mr AB? now i m lost!!

    CY: are we talking the same wavelength? Yes, Mr G is quite sensitive when it comes to blogging for paid posts...

    Ken: u r the expert..tell me why, tell me why please..


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