Friday, September 18, 2009

Cheers To HomeComing!

Happy Homecoming to those who are Home now! Nothing like your own home, hor....

It is 6.04pm now, Andy is starting his journey back from Penang, thanks to Adrian, they are coming home by his car. (No more bus tickets eventhough I booked 3 weeks earlier) Hopefully they will reach in two hours time but I doubt. Lynn just told me on the phone that she took 6 hours to reach her hometown in Tampin, normally 4 hours....

As for AAron, he will be coming home tomorrow with his friends, (also no more bus ticket).. Thank God for friends... From KL to IPOH, during this raya season, it is unpredictable, it might take 4-5 hours journey instead of 2 plus. Anyway, as long as they reach home safely, that is all matters....

It is a 4 day off weekend, got to do a lot of stuff these few days... mostly shopping for stuff, will blog about it after 1/10/2009.

As for now... I m starving... "GIRLIE!!! LET'S GO FOR DINNER NOW! I BEH TAHAN ALREADY!!!"


  1. yeah 4 days long break...damn syiok ler

    wah....u also move to .com already...congrats

  2. Aiya, you blog about homecoming but can still become hungry ah? ha ha ha!
    Have a nice weekend with your family! Cheers!

  3. Happy Holiday with your love kids okay! =)

  4. Via: looking forward to the holiday and also after holiday.. same cos no one around in the office...

    Pete: How not to think of food in the evening.. eh, did u read what stp commented in my New Address Post? hehehe.. watch out, Pete!

    Aeiween: Happy Holiday to u too, girlie..

  5. Pete: so u have read what stp wrote already.. sorry, wrong reference to post.. ok, hopping over to your bloggie now, wanna see how our SIR made his request.. see jadi or not..

  6. yealo, nothing like home. :) happy holidays auntie! hehe...enjoy your weekend with family. God bless.

  7. Yay! Balik kampung! I still remembered when I was in Uni! I always wait for the time to go home! :)

    happy homecoming to your babies. :D

  8. Parents are happiest when the children come home - like my mum with my brother and the grandkids came home, like that my daughter's home. Just back from dinner - will post on it soon...

  9. nothing beats the happiness of a mother when all the kids are back home... enjoy claire!

  10. Gab..where would u be? in utp? ok if we pass by, we will shout yr name...

    Tekkaus: balik kampong..oh oh oh balik kampung.. by our late sudirman...

    STP, i cannot post any yet cos no big makan as yet.. ok, looking forward to seeing yours tomorrow morning at 11am.. (tomorrow i wont be up so early leh)

    Merryn: yes, their coming home make me happy..their going back makes my heart heavy.. :(

    Wenn: happy hols to u too!

  11. LOL...i will be in cameron for the church camp, hehe...then will come back here. haha, sure. can shout, but i not sure can hear ler, so far...hahaha...

  12. oh yeah Gab..aaron got mentioned.. i forgot.. ok enjoy yrself.. hope the opp wont come when u r not around leh..

    Doc, same to u too.. oh, forgot to add yrs to my roll...

  13. I'm sure the house filled with much love when your son arrived home. You are more happier than what you are now. Enjoy your time together before he is going back to school.

    Claire, if you and I are neighbours I would surely follow you to restaurant and eat hehehe.

  14. girl, domain is not worry about anything else, its only for SS and PPP , once you inform them, just wait...

    the statistics will go up, but eventually, it will go down fast...

    you are allowed to accept opportunities because the history of your blog would tell when it started anyway...don't transfer anything ok

    see you girl

  15. About your inquiry: domain will be like a new baby? 3 months old and 20 posts then only can qualify? sob..sob...

    Do not be sad girl, this is not true, LOL. Of course your blog is not new. I am talking about rankings, statistics. Update your statistics, using the new URL, you will see it. Do not worry, it will go down Fast before you knew it.

    Good luck and be happy, you have a new domain...Congrats with that.

  16. 11 am? Aiyor...wake up so late! Ho mia!...Even though I'm not working, I still wake up at my usual time - around 6 something.

  17. Weng: yes, this weekend will be full of activities...i think i wont hv time to blog too.. lol...

    Amy, u have been such a great help, yes, i need time to digest all this in.. ok, i let it be first... thanks a lot, pal!

    STP: now 8.30am..woke up la.. cannot sleep.. too excited.. son coming back anytime now.. yehhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Hahahhaha... beh tahan, tapi sempat blog... yey!!!

    NOt going anyway for this holiday??? ^_^

  19. It's nice when the whole family is together! Happy long weekend!

  20. Wah Claire! Own blog owner already woh, I see! Congrats! So much more to play around, isn't it? Have a Happy Raya and enjoy your weekend withe your kids. CY

  21. Cath J, eat blog first then eat the real food later.. hahaa..this is called blog addict..

    Pureglutton: together yes, but not all the time.. see see, now my 2nd son went out pak-toring already.. haiyah...

    CY, alamak! must key in the url of yr blog now! i hope more coming in to remind me... cos the whole blog list was missing!

  22. wow! all "balik kampung", so your house must be very "meriah" leh! BTW, ada kuih raya tak? hehehehe

  23. hiya sis...

    long time no chat chat. just to inform that i have just changed my blog url to kinda long but i have no money to buy my own site just yet....lolz

    cheers and god bless....calvin

  24. Gallivanter: happy hols to u too..

    Amy: not i balik kampong la.. eh, got makan hebat in my house, u r cordially invited of course.. :)

    Kadusmama: sama-sama...

    Calvin: hey, dont say no money.. hahhaa.. ok will update yr blog in my roll...

  25. yuhu reanaclaire...thanks for the invite..I have found your blog ;-)


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