Saturday, September 19, 2009

Vision Impossible!

Once upon a time, a pair of new spectacles was born. The day was 20/8/09. The owner had a clearer vision after wearing it, especially for his computer movies and games... Then one fine night, he wore it while studying in bed..... (that was what he told me, studying in bed...) and in his "sleepiness" he took it out and left it on the bed instead of putting it on the table.

When he woke up, he forgot about the poor specs until he heard a "CRACKING" sound! sigh..

poooooor thing!
thank God it didn't prick him in his butt..

this is the spec's birth certificate 20/8/09
"condemned" on 17/9/09
not even one month old!
there goes my $$$$!!


  1. Oh my god!!! This spectacles is belong to who one? Your son ar? Aiyoo.... so cham ar.... I guess cannot get repair lo must get a new one... ^_^"

  2. aiyah, children, huh? sometimes they don't know how hard it is to make a living!

  3. Aeiween... that was why i said bucks are flying off..

    Doc: yes.. given a serious lecture. one more accident, then he will hv to bear all the cost..

  4. My son also breaks his specs often - but through playing basketball! I learn to be thankful that it was just a spec!

  5. dont buy frameless one... =P
    coz frameless one very vulnerable and weak like tauhu..

  6. ask him to pay for his own consequences la..

  7. ehhhh time to consider LASIX? hahahha :)

  8. Hey, you bought the specs at the place I was born and spend half my life there! The groundnuts are the only thing left in the roundabout, haha. Maybe its the shop I did my specs too! Tell me your mail and I'll probably describe in detail on the web hosting. :) CY.

  9. Well...there's a saying, "if old thing don't go, the new one won't arrive ma!" But at your expense lar! LOL :D

  10. Wah... hancur teruk leh. Frameless = flimsy.

  11. Nice title to your post! Ah still has banker, he can break as many as he wants. But when he starts works and must pay himself, then he has to be more careful... Hahahahahahaha!!!

  12. Oh no! habis la the specs and mommy, pls pls I need a new pair then...hehehehe

  13. Hahahahah... nxt time he go to work... he pay u la... ^_^

  14. Yan: dangerous to wear glasses playing basketball..get him contact lens instead.. my son fractured his little finger playing basketball, after that he gave up.. too "gentle" for him.. :)

    Rachel, he is indeed paying for his own this time...

    CY: u r so observant? Menglembu is yr place? this shop has few branches...

    Tekkaus: sorry man.. this time he is gonna pay so that he will be more careful hahaha...

    Slavemom: memang hancur beyong repair! young boys,... sigh...

    STP: No, must start from young, no cashier to pay this time... 2nd pair, he pays... see this time can last how long...

    AMy, specs can be pretty expensive..

    Cath J: next time he goes to work, he might forget me lo.. sobb...sob...

  15. My son also broke glasses. So, we went out to buy those "unbreakable" ones - strong plastic legs and plastic lens. It helps! I also threaten him to pay for it himself.

  16. William: got unbreakable glasses? these lens were also plastic ones but still breakable..

    Pete: feel free to grab the numbers! hahaa..


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