Sunday, September 27, 2009

Feelings, Nothing More Than Feelings...

Life is such... When I read my son, Andy's blog just now, I also felt a pang of sadness. He wrote about missing everyone he loves as he is going back to Penang tomorrow and he is feeling sort of lonely and homesick even before he leaves. Saying goodbye is always a bit sad...

Over at dinner just now, I told him about mine too... tomorrow is a new day, going back to office with lots of work piling up is not a thing to look forward to.... After a week of lazing around doing practically nothing, work is the last thing on my mind... (yes, I admit I am getting lazier and I am trained to be one...)

Life is such, as I said. We can complain, we can mourn, we can grumble or groan...

Coming to think of it now, I wonder why I must feel this way... why make myself sad... why don't I think in a happier positive note? Shouldn't I should be thankful I have a job to go to tomorrow, colleagues to be together with, a salary to take care of my love ones, a car to take me wherever I want ...etc etc... the list of goodness goes on and on....

Yes, I miss my boys when they are not around... the house is very quiet without their presence. Meanwhile, it is back to normal life, knowing in just matter of time, we will be together again....


  1. claire, why such a sad post today? u r suppose to be cheering me up.. now i am sadder than this evening.. haih..

    hugs to u.. muaks muaks

  2. Merryn: my rantings... that was how i felt when i wrote that... sorry ah, i guess ladies mood swings here and there.. so now u know.. i m not always the Happenings..i m just as normal as u r, sometimes a bit abnormal only..

  3. Lately I have been dragging my feet to work as well. So sian.. I know it pays the bills, it earns me money... but... is work supposed to be this stressful?

    Hope your Monday tmr is a relatively free one! :)

  4. well..what to goes to go back to work..

  5. Ju Ann, thanks for coming by.. now i know who is still missing from my list.. :) yes, hope your monday will be as "great"...

    Wenn: apa nak buat..yes, gonna drag our feet back to work, sweet work, no food..

  6. sigh, same here. looks like we just gotta be thankful we have a job to go to, ppl who love us, ppl who are there for us to miss.

    errr... duno whr tis comment is heading too, just wanna say cheer up!

  7. that's common..i remember when i go back to study in KL/JB, I also feel sad and missed my friends and family and Ipoh. Anyway, once i;m back there, it's another world awaits me and I'm back to the challenges facing me.

  8. Don't worry claire. That's part and parcels of life. Is not that they are not coming right? :p

  9. irene: just ranting how i felt at that moment.. thanks a lot for coming by..

    Chris: yes, he felt that too, i mean andy.. missing home even before he leaves...

    Tekkaus: yes, that's life.. after awhile, it will be alright...

  10. ohhh i can feel how your son feels about going back to penang...even after one year here in japan, i still feel the sadness before leaving know it only tells you one thing: how great you have been as a mum and how much your son loves you and the family...guess this is what we go thru in life.....hope everyone feels better soon including myself :)

  11. Thank God for blogging,when we are sad we can rant it and vend it here........

    I think souls like us in this age range, should have known what life's is but then again when we thought we knew what life was, life keeps teaching a many many more new lessons,,,,,,,,, so we keep looking forward to what more life has to offer, be it good or sad,,, life goes on

  12. Manglish: as Tekkaus said, this is part and parcel of life, one day we will lead our own separate lives, with or without our love ones beside us. As long as we continue to love one another, this is all that counts...

    Eugene: yes, even at our age, we are still learning to adapt to life, we experience new changes and phases as days go by.. maybe this sums up the reason why life is indeed interesting and precious to each and every one of us..

  13. Yea mum, in just matter of time, we will be together again..Cheer up! God always bring us back and unite us together :) We also miss you and home too when we r away..hehe

  14. Yes, you are right. It is all how we are taking up things forward.

  15. Life goes on........sob is lunchtime...yay makan!

  16. "Coming to think of it now, I wonder why I must feel this way... why make myself sad... why don't I think in a happier positive note? Shouldn't I should be thankful I have a job to go to tomorrow, colleagues to be together with, a salary to take care of my love ones, a car to take me wherever I want ...etc etc... the list of goodness goes on and on...."

    Hi Reana..glad to read this part..i hv the feeling of forcing myself to go to work this morning..I shud be more thankful..

  17. son: miss u too. See u in two days time. Wish i could go with u too. :)

  18. I guess everyone is back to their normal routine and started the week Monday Blues after a holiday and festival session.

  19. Dont worry. It's part of our life.. that will make us value every moment that we have..

  20. I'm ok now. Life goes on and at least, there's something to look forward to - the next trip home.

    And look on the bright side - yours are all SO near... You can easily drive over on weekends!!!

    Mine is like on the other side of the world, next year even worse - going to Wellington, New Zealand!!! Sigh!!!

  21. hi everyone, i am using my hp while typing this. My office systemis down. Will reply your comments when i reach home.

  22. like me, i miss my baby girl also although the nanny is near to my house

  23. i also so sad oso, have to start working already, uwaaaaaa

  24. i also so sad oso, have to start working already, uwaaaaaa

  25. I haven't been here for so long... and I came by to browse through as I am finally home form my holiday!

    And what I saw? Food yummy food.. I want dimsum... :x

    But to cut things short... Your boys will be back... In due to time.

    Have to start working I am sad too.. not just that, tired too! T__T

  26. hmmm..
    hahaha.. a bit out of topic..
    but i would feel a bit awkward if my mum read my blog.. hahaha..
    A BIT only la..

    and study life is very short only..
    just a few blinks, u would find him graduate.. XD

  27. well, it's human nature. we want to work but we complain yet we can't quit our jobs and many other things. cheer up soon..

  28. Superman: yes, monday blues started by having no internet in the office.. wat a day!

    C.Alv.B: yes, we should be thankful with whatever we have..

    STP: next year? mine might be going anytime next month..but it will be a few months training only..

    Hazel: this is natural as a mother, i guess.. we really miss our babies no matter how fully grown they r now...

    My REality, sorry, i link u now.. thanks for coming by and informing me..

    LadyViral: what is ROM? sorry.. i m not updated with initials.. hehee...

    Dolly: why shy about yr own blog.. haha..unless u have a secret bf tucked up somewhere *wink*

    Tiee: yes, i guess we all have to face whatever comes..we need our pay pay, no food.. hahaha..

    doc: yes, F-father, A-and, M-mother, I L-love, Y-you..

  29. =.="
    no lah.. but just awkward la..
    hahaha.. coz i am quite crazy person, but my mum thought i am quiet type..
    oh.. and polite... =.="
    so, shy to let them know the other side of me..

  30. u got mask also .. yeah, i understand..sometimes my own son also same..shy to blog about his feelings..

  31. On positive note, knowing they will be standing on their own feet soon and having their own families. Soon you have the little ones calling you "Grandma"...hmmm


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