Saturday, September 26, 2009

Foh San, Here We Come!!

FINALLY!! We managed to visit the "talk-of-the-town" newly opened Foh San, IPOH, along Leong Sin Nam Street, also famously known as the Dim Sum Street. There are a few more dim sum restaurants along the road and a few more on the adjacent road as well.

Coming back to the point, the four of us, known as "wai sik si lai" had our breakfast in Foh San in peace that Friday morning. NO need to queue up or "fighting" to get seats, (I heard lately there were some fights over some tables and seats during the long weekend)...

Upon reaching the entrance, the down portion was quite full, so we proceeded to the upper floor. Surprisingly, it was quite empty, we chose a nice table at a corner overlooking the whole floor... after comfortably seated, we ordered the following....

talk of the town Foh San...

it was quite empty on the upper floor..

Tai Pau

"dissected" for my camera..
i find this Big Pau very tasty...

glutinious rice with chicken stuffings..
i like it too..

some assorted "liews"
not bad though not warm enough..

the fresh fishballs...

vegetables shrimp dumplings...

what this called.. i dont know...
just eat la.. hahhaa...

the siew mai-s
A-Must-Eat dumplings, my frens said...

shrimp dumplings
har kau (i didnt touch these)

char siew pau A Must too..

dessert...ahh..let me think...
oh..chestnut something....

all these food must be followed by
cups and cups of chinese tea
(to wash away the oil and the fats in our bodies)

All these came to RM51/-
and we walked away happily,
patting our stomachs,
burping & feeling satisfied...


  1. wow...look so high class and delicious! If auntie says nice means very good already. alright, shall be included to my to-try-list! hehe...

  2. ok, save more more money and then next time u take auntie there to "tarn char", ok? maybe by the time aaron comes back, we can go for the big Meal.... deal??

  3. hehe...sure! anything to do with food i am on. hehe....

  4. You guys are wai sik si lai? What is that? War....there's a fight over seats and tables? Gosh it is even dangerous to have breakfast in Ipoh now huh! :p

  5. haha.. what a coincidence!!!
    posted on the same day too! =D

  6. War...the restaurant looks so luxurious! very big o! Suddenly you make me feel so hungry! :p

  7. Tekkaus: hope u know what it means to be wai sik si lai.. anything wallop one.. about the war for tables, that was what i heard from some frens.. dont go during festive seasons.. it isnt free and yet ppl are lining up like crazy!!

    Ken: yeah... i think wise men think alike.. hahaha.a...

  8. y didnt eat har kow? u cannot eat prawn? couldnt be right since u r wai sek?

  9. omg reana... u making me really hungry now leh! uwaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  10. hie nice post. Coincidentally same as kenwooi.

  11. Wah...I'm drooling! You must take me there when I go to Ipoh!...Dim sum! Didn't have time to go to the one here when my daughter was home - now will have to wait till the end-of-year holidays... SIGH!!!

  12. wow..u make me hungry right now..

  13. We passed this outlets for 2 days during the Raya long break. It was always full with people (I won't be surprise there was a fight). Glad you able to dine there and give some idea of the food serve there.

  14. i was just telling kenwooi who posted the same blog as you that i really really must visit ipoh after you have introduced so many good food and places to visit.....:)

  15. havent been there. i wanna try the dessert. hehe.

    From me to you, suejean =)

  16. waaaaa, so many fooooooood, and place so cantik lah

  17. Rachel: i dont like har kau, dont know why.. normally i dont take and since there were 3 only, just nice for my 3 frens! :)

    Irene: good, shows that we r still normal..hahaha..

    Chris: thanks for coming by via Ken's blog, i also noticed :)

    STP: i must lure u to ipoh with the nice food, otherwise, u will keep on avoiding IPOH .. please do come and i take u to try whatever u like!

    wenn: jom, lets go one day!

    BF: u mean in Miri too or were u in ipoh during the raya hols?

    Manglish: when coming back from JEPUN? sushi dim sum got or not there?

    SJ: how come ken didnt take u there? hahaha..

  18. wah... looks tasty..
    did u meet kenwooi there?

  19. claire.. i like ur dot com n i like ur new 'reanaclaire' on the pics.. feeeeeeeeee weet!

    i dun want to look at the food, making me hungi oni.. hungi hungi hippo..

  20. awesome dim sum. I miss them. Oh my gosh...the pao is so BIG!

  21. wow their food look like very tasty~~~ yummy ^^

  22. donna: i miss meeting ken.. hahaha.. otherwise i would have belanja him.. :)

    Merryn: u should look at those food.. so that next time u know what to order... let me give u a treat!

    Marymoh: thanks for coming by.. yes,that is why it is called Tai Pau.. hahhaa.

    Aeiween:yes, they indeed look tasty ... but cannot take these often.. very filling!

  23. Fulamak Claire...sedap sedap sedap...I telan my air liur punya kuat after seeing ur photos...hehehehe

  24. Wa..I mizz all these good food :p but I still perfer Ming Court or Loke Fook Moon's dim sum :)))

  25. Amy: if i see yr confinement dishes, i pun sama telan liur... hahaha..

    Elin: yeah, ming court is nicer.. but this tai pau, i like the foh san one...

  26. hello Claire,

    wow the food looks very delicious and nutritious. We also have Dim Sum resturant in Philipines. I like their foods. Some of thier foods are similar of what you've shown here. I like going to that restaurant but in Phils. its pricy to go this kind of restaurant.

    Tai Pau? is that what you called? we call that Sio Pao in my country hehe I like both chicken and pork flavour.. hmmm yummy..hehehe

    I am craving this now your fault ;)

    But anyway Happy Sunday.

  27. wow, you managed to eat there? *clap clap clap* The last time i was back, we went there to take a look and was amazed to see this magnificent building. What a big difference from its previous building. I was wondering when we could eat there because it was so full of people and the whole road was jammed.

  28. Weng, tai pau means BIG dumpling, siou pau is small. :) yes, we have big and small ones here too, with chicken and pork fillings as well.

    Barb: Maybe we were early last friday, around 8.30am.. when we shot off around 9 or so, it was crowded.. the foh san boss will find it very difficult to become poor, i tell u!

  29. hi claire.. i've been following yr blog for a couple of weeks but first time comment.. i'm sure u knw where i come from... neh, fr gooly's ;-)

    i just wanna say, there's alotta nice and cheap food in ipoh, huh! been to ipoh quite a few times but nvr get to eat all those that you posted here... one day.. one fine day... ask goolymama to drive! hehe...

    anyway, don't feel so sad...all good things must come to an end.. but then, after that, more good things will come your way again! vicious cycle this up and down thing, i know... but, do have a good week ahead! :-)

  30. I was in Ipoh during the Raya break to attend my sister's wedding. Stayed in Tower Regency Hotel

  31. Rainbow Angeles: yes, i know u, u r "faymus" in gooly's blog.. lol.. i love to read the comments both of u gave to each other. But i havent been to your blog as yet.. thanks for coming by and comment, "silent" or not, i appreciate your invisible presence.. lol.. yes, all good and bad come and go, it is a matter of how we take it initially then later on, time will heal our feelings..
    OK, i look forward to seeing u and gooly driving all the way from we-know-where and hope we can really meet up one day!

    Borneo Falcon: u flew all the way and didnt give me a call? how can!!! hahahaha... just joking.. so.. did u enjoy ipoh? hope u did and had brought home some sweet memories of ipoh town..

  32. looks like now Foh San is a "hit" place in Ipoh huh??

    Next time when i go to Ipoh, i will refer to your blog on where to eat!

    I like the "pau pau", especially the char siew pau, when i go for dim sum, i never missed char siew pau.

  33. yeah, the portions are bigger than the others. though not necessarily tastier. but i still like the breakfast experience at Foh San.


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